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Daily Bullets (Nov. 30): Most Viewed of the Week, Jalen Hurts is Out on Cheese Fries



Bedlam is finally here, beat the Sooners.

Bullets Rundown

• Mark Moore’s son got offered
• Ten Thoughts from WVU
• Hurts out on cheese fries


MBB: OSU 78, Ole Miss 37 (!) for the NIT Season Tip-Off Championship
WBB: No. 8 Lousiville 69, OSU 48

OSU Bullets
Most Viewed of the Week (No. 1): Son of Former OSU All-American Receives Oklahoma State Offer

This one surprised me – the most views for a three-star juco tight end being offered. That being said, when Tatum Bell or Billy Bajema’s kid gets offered in ten years, I’ll be interested too.

But offering a Cowboy Back prospect is interesting. The gems haven’t been the guys offered but the blue-collar walk-ons that developed. With that being said, Grayson Boomer is a rarity as a four-star tight end and it’ll be fun to watch him.


Most Viewed of the Week (No. 2): Ten Thoughts from the West Virginia Game

Two things the Pokes did in this game that you love to see your team doing the stretch: winning the turnover battle and making plays when they had to. The game is hard enough without beating yourself with unnecessary mistakes and giving away points and extra possessions to your opponent. Spencer Sanders got good at that and the assumption is that Dru Brown as a veteran will be too.

Lining out the key plays that needed to be made between third-down conversions and more importantly, key defensive stops. These are things you want to see a team doing as they go into a big rivalry game.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 3): Jalen Hurts Doesn’t Like Cheese Fries

This one felt a little personal, didn’t it? As one commenter pointed out, Joe’s had at one time the second most popular shirt in the States (behind Hard Rock). That may have been a better lead-in question – heard of EJ’s?

But this felt like the perfect Bedlam headline. If Iowa State’s Brock Purdy or Texas’ Sam Ehlinger big timed Stillwater’s flagship food, it’s not a story. Hurts would have no reason to come to Stillwater or grab a bite while he was out. No harm, no foul and certainly no flag on the play.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 4): Mike Gundy on Thanksgiving Memories

Gundy going full “back in the day” is always welcome. It’s an authenticity and a comfort level with his audience. It’s not Les Miles putting some rap song as his favorite tune on a survey or dying his hair to seem more relevant, it’s a 50-something embracing generational differences.

It did make me disappointed for “kids these days” and how they don’t free range like they used to.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 5): James Washington Goes Deep After Rudolph Benched

It was really nice to see Washington get loose and make some plays. Having the top three receivers who were ahead of him last year (Antonio Brown, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Donte Moncrief) out of his way moving forward or just temporarily (in Smith-Shuster’s case) and racking up stats will only bode well for the future.

Pittsburgh working out for at least one of the Cowboys is ideal.

Non-OSU Bullets

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