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Daily Bullets (Oct. 15): What Chuba Needs to Get to 2,000 Yards, Rickie Got Hitched



The incredible stream of luck with great kickoff times on the road continues – Iowa State at 2:30 p.m.

Bullets Rundown

• Chuba’s numbers to get to 2k
• What Laurent brings
• Rickie got hitched

OSU Bullets

• So what’s the math on Chuba getting to 2,000 yards?

Can Chuba hit 2K? The #math would say it’s inevitable, but at some point the carries get reduced or he has 53 yards against a middling Big 12 team or his energy just wanes … right? He needs to average 129.4 yards the rest of the way, which seems like cake for somebody who’s currently blasting teams for 182.3 until you remember that only two other dudes nationally are even averaging 129.4. [PFB]

Jonathan Laurent brings a massive asset to the Cowboy offense this winter – his shooting in tandem with the other sharpshooters already on the roster.

A graduate transfer from UMass, Laurent is on his third university (he played at Rutgers from 2015-17). Last year at UMass Laurent averaged 9.5 points and 5.0 rebounds per game. Plus, he led the Atlantic-10 Conference in 3-point shooting at 46.7 percent. Combine Laurent with the 3-point shooting of Lindy Waters III and Thomas Dziagwa and you have a trio of players that can connect from the arc at 40 percent or better. And that has the potential to confound Big 12 defenders. [HCS]

The top three-point shooter in the A10! With Dziagwa and Waters, the lane will have to be wide open for takeoff for whatever point guard is running the show.

• The Cowboys landed a junior college defensive end yesterday

Rickie Fowler got hitched over the weekend.

Wedding weekend: Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke got hitched in a low-key (as in “literally nobody talked about when it was happening” low-key) wedding recently, and photos started pouring in over the weekend. There are bridesmaid jokes to be made. I will not make them. [CBS Sports]

• Cowboy alum (former player and coach) Doug Meacham has surfaced in the XFL as an offensive coordinator

• Homecoming week is the best on campus.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Great fall foliage map of the U.S.

• Question to ask around a “digital detox” – started this book on the topic yesterday, should be great

• Jeff Bezos’ master plan

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