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Daily Bullets (Oct. 9): (Lots of) Good QBs Have Bad Games as Freshmen



Admirable – freshman basketball player loses 20 pounds instead of gaining the freshman 15. Comparing our freshman years’, I’ll bet I came closer to winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game than he will. 

Bullets Rundown

• The normalcy of bad games for young QBs
• Trace Ford is a “dude”
• What happened with the offense on Saturday

OSU Bullets

• I can’t repeat these words to myself enough – Spencer Sanders is a freshman with loads of potential and hiccups are the norm for young QBs. 

All I’m saying right now is that most of the greats you point to — OSU players included — had their Texas Tech Game at some point over the course of the first 10 games of their career. Even Mason Rudolph — who we remember as one of the least-turnover prone QBs in OSU history — turned it over as much as Sanders has early on in his career (11 picks in his first nine games). [PFB]

It’s hard for numerous reasons to get past that not-terribly-windy-day in Lubbock, chief among them being Jett Duffey’s career day to contrast with Sanders’ low point, but seeing this game as paying dues towards a potentially great quarterback’s career is more fun to dwell on.

Trace Ford is a “dude” – with talent capable of overcoming any deficiencies with athletic plays.

There is a bit of a philosophy to let Ford loose and teach him the intricacies later. His athleticism can make up for mistakes.

“Trace is really fast and can cover a lot of ground once he sees what’s going on,” OSU coach Mike Gundy said last month. “He processes information really quick.”

Gundy then compared Ford to former star Jordan Brailford. Ford isn’t as advanced, but he’s built in a similar way. He’s also faster than Brailford. [NewsOK]

Put best – I think his talent is the difference between being able to close on plays that other guys just can’t.

Here’s a good example.

• Read together, a pair of remarks made by Gundy in media availability likely clears up his stance on the offensive struggles from Saturday in Lubbock.

“Offensively up front, we actually played better than I thought after the game. But we played average.”

• On Spencer Sanders: “Well the first thing he needs to do is take care of the football in the pocket. That will solve half his problems. [PFB]

Translation: the line was better than we thought but errant throws happen, and, ultimately, there’s no excuse for carrying the ball like a loaf of bread in a crowded pocket.

Baylor game notestarting left tackle is out for the OSU game and the QB took a good hit against K-State last week but looks ready for their game this week

• Running back Jahmyl Jeter appears open to transferring – his name is in the portal

Non-OSU Bullets

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• I’m intrigued by the Rockets and how Westbrook could fit

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