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Daily Bullets (October 11)



Big 12 Parity

Mike Gundy’s belief that parity exists now more than ever proved true this weekend. He has a theory why that’s the case.

“The quarterback play in this league has created parity, more so than ever before. The things that sway games in this league would be turnovers, special teams play, injuries and quarterback play.” [NewsOK]

Iowa State topping OU, TCU topping OSU and Texas stopping K-State are relatively surprising early season outcomes. And Gundy thinks thanks to the strong QB play in the league, more could be coming.

I couldn’t agree more.

OSU prepared for Baylor

The bye week for OSU couldn’t have arrived at a better time for OSU from a health standpoint. But for a healthy Ramon Richards, he says he spent the extra week preparing.

“It just gives us more time to prepare for the next game,” said safety Ramon Richards. “It gives us more time to fine tune whatever coaches want us to do for the next game. As far as physically, (strength and conditioning coach) Rob Glass is going to have us in great shape come homecoming.” [Tulsa World]

Let’s hope that bye week bought OSU some time to get healthy up front. If not, that preparation might be all for naught.

Pod from yesterday with the one and only D. Ubben was v. good. ?

OSU and NCAA News

Three of the four CBB assistants charged in the FBI scandal appeared in court Wednesday .. Josh Gordon says Baylor enabled his weed habit .. Lane Kiffin trolls Saban .. Urban Meyer tears are the sweetest

I’m told I should watch Star Wars, but this does nothing for me.



Cannot get enough of this dancing Coug.

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