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Daily Bullets (October 23)



Problems in a Nutshell

You and I both still have three of the main symptoms needed to prescribe Pepto Bismol (nausea, heartburn, upset stomach) after seeing the blitzkrieg Cowboy offense slow to a grinding halt on Saturday. Here’s the best explanation outside of PFB that I’ve found.

“The offensive guys (coaches) know that I like them, but we stunk in the adjustments we made in the throwing game, period,” (Mike) Gundy said. “We’ve got to be better than that.”

After early OSU success, Texas switched to a three-man front that often had five or six players stretched across the field, about 7-10 yards off the line of scrimmage, with two or three deep safeties. Bottom-of-the-ocean deep. One time, a Longhorn free safety was lined up 40 yards from the line of scrimmage. Gundy thought he was back for a punt.

UT was determined to keep OSU from throwing deep, and that spread defense took away the slants that Mason Rudolph has feasted on lo these many years. [NewsOK]

And now the Pokes have a week to figure out how to attack it.

Best in the Business

ESPN looked at which college football players were the best at specific things – best hands, best interior pass rusher, toughest running back to tackle – and El Presidente landed exactly where you thought he would.

Best Deep Threat: James Washington, Oklahoma State
Washington ranked sixth in the nation with 576 yards on deep passes (20-plus yards) last season and leads the way in 2017 with 450 yards on nine downfield receptions.

He has the speed to get behind the defense but also the ball skills to win at the catch point and pluck the ball out of the air to create big plays even if the pass is off target. Washington has been used almost exclusively as a deep threat in Oklahoma State’s offense this season and his 26.1 yards per reception are evidence of how dangerous he is in the deep game. [ESPN In $]

When teams are lining up a five-star athlete 20 yards back, you know you’ve got skills.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Fun piece here on Mike Gundy with lots of historical context….Brad Underwood settling into his second dream job ($)….Update on Mason Rudolph’s numbers for his Heisman campaign….Big 12 Power Rankings have the Pokes in the top three….Load up for this last wild month of Big 12 football

Bill Snyder looks like an aged Joe Dirt in this hypothetical.

Iowa State making an appearance in the polls!

This has to have been the very best Plan B out there – awesome to see a Sutton back on the sideline.

Nice win for the Cowgirls, defended home field all season.

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