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Daily Bullets: Walsh and Stewart played Twister at halftime of a game

OU’s chances of winning the Big 12 = LOL, amazing photo of Markel, Moore bros about to be let loose in Austin.




Stewart and Walsh played Twister at halftime of a game once?? (Tulsa World)

Parker Graham on the defense scoring: “That’s the greatest feeling. We get up and think that we’re going back out there, then the defense takes it to the house. We get to sit back down and enjoy some more Gatorade.” (NewsOK)

OSU-Baylor is a 7 PM kick. (PFB)

OU has a 1-in-50,000 chance to win the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Holy cow, must-see photos of Kyle Field. (CBS Sports)

Berry on OSU’s recent history on the road. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State has the toughest remaining schedule of any Big 12 team. (Big 12 Sports)

Tracy Moore thinks David Glidden can play as well as Josh Stewart. (NewsOK)

The Moore brothers will see man coverage this weekend. (Scout)

I don’t love seeing this (obviously) but the timing couldn’t be better for OSU. (B/R)

I really hope Shaun Lewis gets Big 12 defensive POY. (B/R)


Utah Valley made nearly $100K to play last night’s game. You need to see this photo of Markel. (Tulsa World)

Smart on his nine steals: “Yes. the coaches just told me (about the record). I was trying to go for my 10th steal (which would have tied the Big 12 record (held by Ivan Wagner of Texas).” (Scout) Unfortunately, I didn’t get it.”

Mark Titus’ preview of the Big 12 is hilarious. Some of these guys are future Hall of Famers and some of them are Travis Ford. (Grantland)

Some thoughts on the OSU-Utah Valley game. It was actually pretty fun to watch for a while. (PFB)

Clark on playing against Smart in practice: “It was months where I couldn’t even get the ball past half-court. Playing with Marcus, they were just on me hard. I just had to gather myself and just take it all in stride and go back to the basics.” (O’Colly)

Phil Forte on what he’s learned from Marcus Smart. (NewsOK)

Chad Ford has Marcus Smart No. 5 on his big board. How crazy is a draft that Smart is going to go 5th or worse?? (ESPN)

Look at the Forte and Smart quotes here. I thought the AP double-printed them. (Fox SW)

Ford on Smart: “He’s run the team pretty much on his own at this point. I don’t have to call many things when he’s in the game. He’s usually in complete control of the team.” (O’Colly)

Three sick dunks from last night. (PFB)

The KU-Duke game was phenomenal. (Sports Illustrated)


OSU projected wrestling lineup. (NewsOK)

This story about Sam Hurd is insane. (MMQB)

As if we needed more proof Mike Tyson is insane…(language is NSFW). (Deadspin)

Bookstores are doing business with the devil (Amazon). (New Yorker)

Darren Rovell’s 7th grade photo is hilarious. (Deadspin)

Johny Hendricks fight preview.

Sweet mercy, Xavier Henry.

Highlights from last night.

I love how good Kansas looked.

The coach that never punts. This is incredible.

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