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Daily Bullets: OSU wrestling snags another Big 12 title

Breaking down foul-gate, can Travis Ford not catch a break (?), Markel is dating a Swedish golfer!




All-Big 12 awards. Nash didn’t even make third team which is sort of embarrassing. (Big 12 Sports)

Pretty interesting look at the “don’t foul” “wait…yes, foul!” fiasco. It looks like the team huddled 10 feet from Ford before Forte’s second free throw. Was it THAT loud in Hilton? I don’t think so.. (CRFF)

Waaaaaaait a second. Markel is dating a Swedish golfer (all of the gene pools!) and his favorite NBA player is Wade?! The more you know.. (Tulsa World)

Travis Ford can’t catch a break. Eh…maybe. The Cobbins thing sucked, for sure, and there might have been a few games where teams shot at a higher clip than normal but I don’t know that I totally agree. Saturday was a microcosm for the season. Don’t do the little things well and you don’t get Ws. (NewsOK)

Great stuff here from Kelly Hines on Le’Bryan. Read it. (Tulsa World)

A 9-seed in Arizona’s region. Not ideal. (USA Today)

Jerry Palm also has us in that slot. (CBS Sports)

Here’s the Naz Long shot if you can stomach it. (Big Lead)

10 thoughts on OSU and Iowa State by me and Matt Amilian. (PFB)

Four OTs this year and zero wins for the Pokes against Iowa State. (ESPN)

OSU is streaky even within games. (Fox Sports SW)

Marcus Smart is giving OSU the push it needs towards the tournament. Some interesting offensive stats in here. (Sports Illustrated)

Hilton Magic is real, folks. (Cyclone Fanatic)

Jared Terrell, baller. (NewsOK)

If/when OSU falters in the Dance, I’ll immediately start rooting for a Wichita State/Creighton title game. (CBS Sports and Yahoo)

Freddie H.: “When you’re known as a shooter, you can’t think about the last one. You’ve got to go on to the next one with the confidence that you’re going to step up and knock it down. And I’ll tell you, the one thing Naz Long does not lack is confidence.” (ESPN)

Here is the Big 12 Tournament schedule. 6 on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday. Is Kansas good without Embiid? (Big 12 Sports)

I wrote a long piece about Saturday and the regular season as a whole. Travis Ford, the foul situation, Smart, Twitter, all of it. (PFB)


Mason Rudolph sounds like he’s 28, not 18. (okstate)

So John Kolar is our new Clint Chelf? (Tulsa World)

Berry Tramel writes about Teddy Johnson who just received a scholarship from OSU after being a walk-on. (NewsOK)

Cameras in football helmets is pretty cool. (CBS Sports)

Five players for whom spring ball is important. (Tulsa World)


Cowgirls lost to Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament over the weekend. They’ll still get a good seed in the Tournament. (NewsOK)

OSU won the Big 12 in wrestling over the weekend. Shocker. (Tumblr)

Gerald Green is the gunner we need. Really enjoyed reading this. (Deadspin)

Aaron Rodgers’ doppleganger is spectacular. (Big Lead)

OSU golf team’s streak of tournament wins ends in Las Vegas. (O’Colly)

This piece by Rashard Mendenhall on why he retired from the NFL at 26 is pretty great. (Huffington Post)

The greatest sports GIF ever? (Deadspin)

Photos from the Big 12 wrestling championship. I want that polo John Smith has on. (Flickr)

This Mad Men poster… (Explore)

Congrats to Kelly Hines, very deserving of this award. (Tulsa World)

Is Patrick Reed confident? (CBS Sports)

Trolling is the pastime of sadists and psychopaths. Via Bill Handy. (Geoff Livingston)

Grantland and 538 are part of a new content unit at ESPN. Pretty interesting. (ESPN)

The Iowa State flopping thing ended up on Dan Patrick today.

This Westbrook dunk was a joke.

Big 12 champs.

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