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Daily Bullets: OSU’s story yet to be written?

Could OSU win the Big 12 tourney (?), Mason Rudolph has “a cannon,” Ryan Simmons promotes keeping the togetherness together.




This is excellent. Ford has to coach better but the narrative we’ll remember this team by might not have been written yet. Also, I’m not sure about making OSU basketball “relevant” again given that we have one finish in the top half of the Big 12 since he got there. (NewsOK)

Embiid is out for the Big 12 Tournament. That means KC is going to look a lot different. (Big Lead)

I actually think OSU is going to get to the semis or finals of the Big 12 Tournament as well. (Fox Sports SW)

Berry has OSU as a 9-seed, Oregon as an 8-seed. Rematch? (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart gets AP All-Big 12 honors as well. Krugs gets coach of the year (as he should). (Tulsa World)

One holier-than-thou writer left Marcus Smart off his entire All-Big 12 ballot. I understand not having him first team because of the suspension but leaving him off entirely? Come on. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart gets rolled on in the Ubbies — and is left off the All-Ubbie first team. (Fox Sports SW)

John Gasaway has Smart as the fourth-best player in college hoops. McBuckets is No. 1 (duh). (ESPN Insider)

John Hoover’s All-America team. (Tulsa World)


Austin Hays on Daxx: “He’s got a cannon. He can absolutely chunk it.” (O’Colly)

Good spring ball overview here. JW’s QBR numbers are staggering. (okstate)

Rudolph took Chelf’s number. (Flickr)

Lyndell Johnson is gone and it sounds like OSU football is as thin as OSU basketball right now. (Tulsa World)

OSU has a 5 percent chance to finish 11-1 or better…I don’t know that I agree with that. The Cowboys aren’t particularly likely to play their way into the playoff this fall, but they do project to be a major thorn in the side of two other national contenders. (ESPN Insider)

OSU doesn’t have a center. (okstate)

Ryan Simmons with an all-time quote here: “Just keeping the togetherness together. I guess I’m the head dude in a sense. Those guys (Lewis and Lavey) have been together for a while, and they’ve played with each other for two or three years.” (O’Colly)

Les Miles not in favor of the 10-second rule. The real question is does he know what the 10-second rule is? (CBS Sports)

Glenn Spencer: ““Today, we’re not very good. But thankfully, we don’t keep score today.” (NewsOK)


Aaron Schnautz did an excellent job with the baseball roundup this week. You should be reading these. (PFB)

Pretty elite uni matchup right here. (Flickr)

Blake Griffin is the absolute worst. I know he’s the one who gets hit here but the things he does to provoke other people throwing punches make him worse than the actual person throwing the punch, to me. And you know who reminds me of him……… (Deadspin)

I really like this media madness bracket. How is SVP a 6-seed?! (Big Lead)

Hook ’em, Biebs. (Deadspin)

These OKC playoff shirts are pretty cool. (OKC vs. Everybody)

I downloaded this speed reading app the other day — I think I included an article about it in here last week. It’s pretty incredible. (iTunes)

Spring football is back. Mason Rudolph makes one throw in here. OMG!!!

Michael. A “back at it”!

Don’t show these to Fraschilla’s kid!

Jalen’s dark alley fab 5.

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