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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (September 16)



Football news

Ranking the Big 12 QBs. Mason Rudolph not in the top three. (ESPN)

Poll question: How much has your perception of this team change since the beginning of the season? (PFB)

Bullet throws rider off at midfield. Gundy makes a joke. (PFB)

Film study: What’s wrong with short running plays? (PFB)

Oklahoma State’s defense has been great so far, but there’s one big problem sort of looming over everything. (PFB)

Future scheduling

OSU needs to get rid of all FCS opponents in the future. (PFB)

What teams should OSU try and schedule? I need to make my own list here. (NewsOK)

Prepping for UTSA

Glenn Spencer, GOAT. “You’re one game away from congratulations becoming condemnations. You’re one play away on our side from a pat on the back becoming a stab in the back. What good is it to mention anything good?”  (NewsOK)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s UTSA press conference. (PFB)

Last season, UTSA had the largest senior class — 36 players — in major-college football. This season, the Roadrunners have fewer seniors — six — than any other team at the FBS level. (Tulsa World)

UTSA’s defense has little depth up front and you can go deep on them to win. I won’t be worried if this is a single-digit game going to the fourth quarter. (CRFF)

Around the country

The Jake Olson story? Awesome. (CBS)

The last time Striker dropped f-bombs all over the world wide web, OU made him a campus leader and eventually captain of the football team. Welcome to the 21st century. (NewsOK)

Mack Brown isn’t going to be the next AD at Texas … is he? (CBS)

Pokes in the pros

Dez has the KD foot injury (which isn’t good). (PFB)

Tony Allen got a hoverboard, and it is predictable amazing. (PFB)

Recruiting news

A look at the offensive linemen joining Oklahoma State’s team next year. (PFB)

Other sports

“You just gotta come in and knock it out.”

No. (via Big Lead)

More stuff I’m reading

Google and Twitter team up with their own version of instant articles. (Re/Code)

We are still learning how to live in this information ecosystem, and how to build the ecosystem for humans rather than for the information. We will get better at it—as humans, and as builders of technology. And in the mean time, reading books again will help. (HBR)

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