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Daily Bullets (September 21)



Man Behind the Mullet

Bill Haisten expertly lifted the curtain to see some of how and who helped shape Mike Gundy – his late father-in-law, Dan Strickland.

Gundy admits to having been “a little bit out of control and wild at times” as a young man. He credits Strickland for having been equal parts friend and role model.

“(Strickland) was pretty much by the book and squared away all of his life” Gundy said. “He did a really good job of training me at a young age. I’m sure at some point he thought his daughter had completely lost her mind.” [TulsaWorld]

Men that shape the lives of other men in profoundly positive ways are few and far between – there’s no telling how many lives Strickland impacted through his son-in-law.

Lost Cause

What will the deciding battle be on Saturday?

Here you’ll find the game’s deciding factor: If they don’t stop Rudolph, wide receiver James Washington and this vertical passing game, can the Horned Frogs’ secondary cause turnovers, force punts and draw the Cowboys out of their comfort zone?

“You have to make sure you contest every shot,” Patterson said. “For me, it’s how do I stop it and how do I slow it down?” [USA Today]

Your best guess is the latter, Gary. Just work on slowing it down.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Pat Forde on Oklahoma being the capital of college football….On who are playoff contenders, league by league….Just found this – The Ringer has a great weekly roundup of college football (OSU = the whuppin’ of the week)….James Washington goes first overall in this mock

Congrats to OU president David Boren on his coming retirement.

Fun perspective on Saturday’s sellout.

Beat OU.

Congrats to T. Boone, deserves every honor.

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