Daily Bullets: Smart’s stats have been ridiculous since returning

Written by Kyle Porter


Last chance to get in the PFB Bracket Challenge


During the last five regular season games, after his return to the lineup, Smart averaged 19.8 points, 6.4 assists, 5.2 rebounds and 4.5 steals per contest. (Sports Illustrated)

Remember, the Cowboys were ranked No. 8 in the preseason. Now they’re a No. 9 seed in the NCAA Tournament. A Round of 64 loss won’t play well in Stillwater. (CBS Sports)

I agree with this about Forte being the x-factor even though I don’t think he should be. Think about that, a team with three elite scorers in the paint relies on a short white guy to win them games by hitting a bunch of bombs… (NewsOK)

Here’s my Q&A with a Gonzaga blogger. (PFB)

And here’s what I wrote for them. (Slipper Still Fits)

JaQuan Lyle to Oregon. I am devastated. (CBS Sports)

If you’re on the NoDakSta train like I am, you’ll like this interview with their best player. (NewsOK)

Cool map of which teams have to travel the longest distances. (CBS Sports)

Obama has Zona over OSU. (ESPN)

Smart: “This team has suffered a lot of ups and downs. We’re just trying to focus on the positive notes and everything we have going for ourselves. We’ve been playing pretty good basketball, and hopefully we can continue that in the tournament.” (Tulsa World)

Mrs. Pistols previews the Midwest. (PFB)

Ford: “At this time last year, we didn’t have anyone who had played an NCAA Tournament game, so hopefully with last year’s experience, our guys will have a better understanding of what to expect.” (NewsOK)

This is a bit of a bummer, the Final Four of teams that have spent the most money. OSU is in it. h/t Rob Griffin[1. Really, that was the reader’s name.] (Forbes)

Viewer’s guide to the best sports day of the year (besides the final round of the Masters). (CBS Sports)

This infographic showing upsets by round by year is just amazing. CBS is crushing with its coverage (not a homer!)[1. OK, I kind of am.] (CBS Sports)

Mrs. Pistols previews the West. (PFB)

Wait, there’s a thing called the Bracketology Breakfast at Southern Hills?? (Tulsa World)

One of my favorite pre-tournament columns here from Matt Norlander. First round games described by haiku. (CBS Sports)


Joe Wickline on whether it was difficult to take the Texas job: “No, it wasn’t.” (ESPN)

New turf at Boone Pickens Stadium. How overdue is this? How mad is Bryce Petty at the timing? (Tulsa World)

The Cowboys love Walsh’s leadership and toughness. Neither quality can be denied. But the only way he’ll stay atop the depth chart is if he completes passes. And that starts this spring. (ESPN)

Jimmie Tramel posed the question of whether or not OSU should consider orange turf. The responses were great. (Tulsa World)


I’m scared about how many of these I am. (Deadspin)

Weeden: “I feel like I have something to prove.” (Fox SW)

More really good stuff on Weeden here. (Tulsa World)

Here’s the ESPN schedule of wrestling coverage this weekend. (okstate)

I’m sure Adidas is pleased with JFF wearing these Nike kicks with the A&M logo. (Big Lead)

This was pretty funny. The comment in the comments section about Marquette was incredible. (Deadspin)

A few you’ve seen, a few you haven’t. Some really lucky moments in sports.

Bob Connelly doesn’t strike me as a football coach..

This is awesome.

My favorite One Shining Moment.

  • kspokesfan

    Kyle, no video on lucky sports moments…

  • OSU-Bill

    Come on Kyle, that Wickline quote is a little misleading in the context of everything else he said. He immediately praised OSU’s staff and the people of Stillwater and Oklahoma and then gave credit to them for putting him in a position to take the Texas job. Really, what should we reasonably expect him to say, “Yeah, it was really hard, and I hope I don’t regret taking the position at Texas”?

    • Mark

      I don’t think Kyle is trying to misleading anyone beyond perking their interest to click on the link.

      • OSU-Bill


  • Mark

    I would be so despondent if we switched to orange turf…. I’d have to find a new team to root for… it would have to be one from another state though. LOL at the Bryce Petty crack. LOL

    The Deadspin ‘bitchy’ bracket was a hilarious read. I dunno, or care, about who wrote it, but dang if he didn’t spend some time on the thing. Goodness!