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Daily Bullets: Squinky is back

Who’s on Texas’ list (?), cheerleader to be tarred and feathered (probably), and Justin Gilbert is headed to Disney World.




Squinky is back and Verne Lundquist is the best drug dealer. This is a fantastic article. (Grantland)

Proud of this podcast I did with OKC Dave and Carson. You guys should subscribe on iTunes. And if you listen regularly, I’d appreciate you rating the pod on iTunes, it helps. (PFB)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL.[1. OK, it might be.] (Big Lead)

Well this is awesome — where are all the Heisman trophies that have been issued. Via @clintosu. (Washington Post)

A history of sexual assault in college football. OSU is mentioned. Via @samanthavicent. (Mother Jones)


Here’s the cheerleader’s apology. This is lunacy. (okstate)

Who’s on Texas’ list? (Outkick the Coverage)

Cooper Bassett is a recruiting assistant at Mizzou? (NewsOK)

Good interview with Shamiel Gary. (Tulsa World)

Ranking the most heartbreaking losses in the Gundy Era. (PFB)

Bedlam got an insane TV rating. (NewsOK)

I get what Berry’s saying about why he ranked Bedlam No. 1 but it was pretty boring for the first 40 minutes. But by his own criteria, he’s correct. (NewsOK)

Mack Brown’s career in photos and GIFs. (Big Lead)

Justin Gilbert is headed to Disney World. (Tulsa World)

Robert Allen talked to Mason Rudolph after his state title. They’re both giddy. (Scout)

Ubben’s All-Big 12 team. (Fox SW)

Jenni Carlson says Texas being good is good for the Big 12. (NewsOK)

OU scored one offensive TD and Bedlam was one of Josh Heupel’s finest hours? (NewsOK)


Andrew Wiggins took off from the three-point line last night…and nearly dunked. (Big Lead)

Where is the 5-part series?! (Sports Illustrated)

Gary Parrish doesn’t understand why everyone hates Scott Drew. Side note: What if Baylor wins the Big 12 in football and basketball? (CBS Sports)

Is the Big 12 the best basketball conference? (Star-Telegram)

Kansas now has three losses. (Sports Illustrated)


Outstanding Dan Patrick interview here. (Esquire)

Y’all think the hail in Oklahoma is bad. (Deadspin)

How to succeed? Stay curious. (Jon Acuff)

This interview was weird and hilarious. (FTW)

You can look at your personal Spotify stats for 2013 here. (Spotify)

Adults and three-years-olds are very similar, in that as soon as we have to do something, we start to resent it. Tremendous interview. (99u)

Gladwell on why to not hire the smartest people. (Inc.)

I think the ball caught him.

We’re at the part of the year where I just start posting random Markel dunks in the Bullets…for sure.

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