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Daily Bullets: ‘The SEC always wins the Cotton Bowl’

Texas narrows down its choices, Gilbert talks about the Bedlam pick, what Ford plans to do without Cobbins.




Justin Gilbert said he wishes his pick at the end of Bedlam would have been reviewed because “I know I had control of the ball.” He didn’t. Then he dropped this gem: “I was hoping (Bell) would try (to throw my way) again. But after the game, he told me that I scared him and he wasn’t gonna come over there again.” (NewsOK)

The SEC always wins the Cotton Bowl. (NewsOK)

Bowl practice photos. (Flickr)

A Mizzou corner on Josh Stewart: “I don’t know if that’s a guy you can stop, just trying to slow him is a huge thing, especially on special teams because that is where he makes a lot of his money.” [SI does 5-part series] (O’Colly)

I didn’t know Griffey’s son played for Arizona. (Big Lead)

Zack Craig on dating Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders: “Guys, you’ve got to do it yourself.” (Tulsa World)

OSU went to the Scottish Rite hospital on Tuesday. (Flickr)

Gilbert on the hotel OSU is staying in: “The only bad thing is we may need some electric scooters to ride around in because it’s so big.” (O’Colly)

So it’s down to Briles, Fisher, Franklin, and Strong? Where do I bet that none of these guys gets the job? (Big Lead)

Josh Stewart on returning to OSU this year: “I was just expecting to play my role and not try to do too much or cause problems on the team because I’m not getting the ball as much as last year. It’s not about that.” (NewsOK)

Phil Steele picks OSU by three over Mizzou. (ESPN Insider)

Betting food on sporting events is hilarious. Good cause, though. (NewsOK)

Calvin Barnett on high school Calvin Barnett: “I was young, arrogant and cocky.” (Tulsa World)

Also, Texas wants a hire by Jan. 15. (CBS Sports)

DGB on the OSU defense: “I feel like they play just like Florida. They were pretty big and stacked and they all run to the ball well. They all went out and made plays, too.” Wait, is that a compliment? (O’Colly)

Is Clemson-tOSU really a better game than OSU-Mizzou? (NewsOK)

Why the SEC is so much better than the Big 12. (Tulsa World)


Cobbins is done for the year. (NewsOK)

Real headline: Travis Ford confident Oklahoma State has options in wake of Michael Cobbins injury. Oh……… (Yahoo)

Johnny Orr passed away (RIP) and ISU moved to 12-0. (CBS Sports)

Kamari Murphy thinks he’s got this. Good luck. (Tulsa World)

Shout to my guys at CBS: They do a great job with these daily watch guides for hoops. You should bookmark. (CBS Sports)

The five most memorable games of 2013. These are all gimmes. (Yahoo)


Here are the 2013 PFB stats. (PFB)

Eric Schmidt on how mobile has already won. I believe him. Via Kevin DeShazo. (Geek Wire)

The most-read stories of 2013. (PFB)

Best soccer GIFs of 2013. That first Ronaldo GIF is absurd. (Big Lead)

Speaking of GIFs, here are the best of 2013 from Deadspin. The Phil Rivers one is incredible. (Deadspin)

This is old but I came across it while doing some coffee research. If you’re from Dallas or like coffee, you’ll like it. (D Magazine)

Gonna miss you, John Foots.

This girl has the most annoying voice in the world. She’s also a gamer.


Oddest thing OSU has ever posted.

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