Daily Bullets: Top 10 plays of the season

Written by Kyle Porter


Bowl pick group. Top three get free PFB shirts. (PFB)

Clint Chelf got an award at the OSU team banquet on Sunday. So did many other players. (Scout)

Saban is the fifth-highest paid coach in American sports. Still too low. (Big Lead)

Chelf on what he has to do against Mizzou: “Specifically, against these guys, it’s gonna take throwing the ball accurately. They have a good pass rush and moving in the pocket’s gonna be something I’ll have to work on, and being accurate while moving in the pocket.” (NewsOK)

The top 10 plays of the college football season. There were some UNREAL ones. (CBS Sports)

Berry Tramel made a list of coaches Texas might be interested in. It’s….ambitious. (NewsOK)

Jake Jenkins could be playing for Mizzou instead of OSU in the Cotton Bowl. (Tulsa World)

Gary Pinkel: “Now that we’re in the SEC, you don’t only play for your school, you play for your conference.” (Columbia Tribune)

Dez on why he left the field early on Sunday. (Tulsa World)

This is amazing. (Grantland)

OSU involved in one of the top 10 upsets of the year. (CBS Sports)

The ESPN All-Big 12 team. (ESPN)

Why Texas should consider Mike Gundy. (CBS Sports)

What unis OSU might wear in the Cotton Bowl. I want white-white-orange. (PFB)


Ranking the Big 12 coaching jobs. You guys agree with 1. KU, 2. Texas, 3. OSU? (Rush the Court)

Not sure why Travis Ford isn’t on this list?! (Deadspin)

Travis Ford: “I’ve always been known for offense, because my teams score a lot of points. But people don’t understand, we’ve had very good defensive numbers since I’ve been here.” (NewsOK)

Ubben has OSU No. 1 in his first Big 12 power rankings. (Fox SW)


Chris Perry got Big 12 wrestler of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

This Tony Romo stat is insane. (Big Lead)

The poorest rich kids in the world. Unbelievable read. (Rolling Stone)

This on the trials and joys of writing a book is so good. (Nieman Storyboard)

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. (BBC)

Wowza. (via Kevin DeShazo)

This is so great.

I loved Penny growing up.

This is up for Big 12 play of the year.

  • OSU-Bill

    The quote for the Columbia Missourian article is a little misleading. From the context of the rest of his quote, it sounds more like he’s saying that all teams in a conference not only play for their school but also represent their conference in bowl games, as he said Missouri did that for the Big 12 when it was a member. Also, the writer later uses the word “quoth.” Come on, man!

    • Mark

      I think Pinkel needs to STHU. He says “NOW that we’re in the SEC…” which makes it sound like they DIDN’T play for their conference before, which, of course, contradicts whatever point he’s attempting to make.

  • Mark

    About the term “Big Game Bob.” I thought that people in Sooner-ville used that term as a badge of honor for their coach. The Grantland article makes it sound like it’s an insult. Which is it?

  • Mark

    My biggest concern with the bowl game is still gonna be our offensive line. That and Chelf’s accuracy. I’m sorry, I meant his ‘akercy.’
    Anyways, despite the huge improvement made with the O-line over the course of the season, I’m still not convinced they can impose their will against a talented D-line. Pass protection really broke down in the Bedlam game. Missouri scares me in this regard.

  • Steven

    I liked the Georgia video but DANG it seemed about 3 and a half minutes too long. Narraration seemed to get redundant-reminded me of my old Comp I papers when I was out of content, just simply re-word and say it a different way to get the word count up.