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Daily Bullets: Tracy Moore did not return for the Heart of Dallas Bowl

OSU opens as favorite over Texas, No. 12 in new BCS, OU has no clue on offense, Macklemore on success.




Tracy Moore: “This is what I came back for. I didn’t come back to go to the Heart of Dallas Bowl or nothing like that. I came back to win the Big 12 championship, and we control our own destiny.” (NewsOK)

Ubben’s top three teams have yet to play each other. (Fox SW)

Ditto on Berry’s. (NewsOK)

LDJ gets a helmet sticker. (ESPN)

Case! Clint! For a shot at Baylor and the Big 12 title! Who’s excited? (NewsOK)

Superlatives from the Kansas-OSU game. (PFB)

Pokes No. 12 in the new BCS standings. (CBS Sports)

Now we can start talking bowl projections. ESPN has OSU in the Cotton against SEC No. 3 or No. 4. Those teams right now? Auburn/South Carolina/A&M/Mizzou. Gosh I don’t want to play A&M in a bowl. (ESPN)

Sounds like Austin Hays and Blake Webb are out for the year. (Tulsa World)

Big 12 superlatives. No OSU but still fun. I loved WVU’s helmets. (Fox SW)

OSU opens as a 1-3 point favorite depending on which book you look at. (Vegas Insider)

Agree with this that OU has no clue what it’s doing on offense. (B/R)

Great recap of the game by Whetsell. (CRFF)

In its last three games, Oklahoma State has held Iowa State, Texas Tech and Kansas to a combined 0-for-29 on third-and-long situations (seven yards or more). (Big 12 Sports)

Let’s start getting Mason Rudolph ready for Florida State, eh? (CRFF)


Good analysis of the new foul rules through one weekend. 73 fouls in one game?! (Yahoo)

Nash on Friday’s game: “It’s the start to the Final Four to us — that’s what we say — it’s the road to the Final Four.” (NewsOK)

Jason McIntyre has OSU in the title game. (Big Lead)

Brian Williams on Christien Sager’s near-dunk: “We were over there going crazy. I would’ve been on the court (if he made it) even though we were already on the court. I would’ve flipped.” Also, Nash played the five for 15 minutes. (Tulsa World)


Cowgirls lost the Big 12 title game. (okstate)

Tavon Austin doing Tavon Austin things. (Big Lead)

A $2 million book advance? Unheard of. (New York Times)

Learning to love Twitter. Via Big Lead. (NY Mag)

Macklemore on success. Via DeShazo. (Macklemore)

Cool article about Medium. (New York Times)

What a headline! (Marginal Revolution)

My man.

Here’s his kick return. via Robert Whetsell.

David Glidden looks like OKC Dave.

Second Lone Survivor trailer. Looks awesome.


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