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Daily Bullets: Tracy Moore draws inspiration from a young friend

Trevor Knight = Josh Fields (?), Kevin Peterson on why Bedlam means so much, and Parker Graham loves William Faulkner!




Trevor Knight isn’t going to Josh Fields us, is he? Great line about Red Bull in here. (Fox SW)

Five unis OSU should wear on Saturday. (PFB)

Here are Berry’s efficiency ratings. OSU is third in O, first in D. (NewsOK)

F/+ says OSU by two TDs. Yikes. (Football Study Hall)

Jenni Carlson could write this story in her sleep. A good tale of Tracy Moore and his young friend. Also, the Baylor game wasn’t even close to Tracy Moore’s best performance. (NewsOK)

Don’t forget, we have orange Pistols Firing shirts. Just $15. (PFB)

Calvin Barnett on Glenn Spencer: “He doesn’t know it, but he’s the difference.” (O’Colly)

Parker Graham loves William Faulkner (!) (NewsOK)

Clint Chelf has the second-best winning percentage for a starting QB in the Miles/Gundy Era. (PFB)

On why folks aren’t attending games as much as they used to. (NewsOK)

Kevin Peterson on why Bedlam means so much. (Tulsa World)

This story is just about worn out but OU really has gotten a front-row seat for OSU’s rise to prominence. (Yahoo)

Fun post here on favorite Bedlam memories. (CRFF)

Daytawion Lowe’s story about seeing his mom on the field after the 2011 game is hilarious. (NewsOK)

Mike Stoops: “You can win some games with 10 to 12 good players. But now, when you have 22 or 24 of them lining up everywhere, you have a chance to win every time you step on the field.” (ESPN)

I can promise you Jake Jenkins’ three people he’d have dinner with is not a combo anyone else in the world would have. (okstate)

Barry Switzer thinks OU will score 50 on Saturday. (PFB)

Des Roland has only averaged 3.1 yards per carry in the last four games. (O’Colly)

Camp Gundy gets shut down. (NewsOK)

Daytawion Lowe: “It doesn’t always take Blackmons and Weedens, it just takes a group of guys to come together and get committed to actually wanting to get a goal done.” (O’Colly)

OSU’s season is helping it in recruiting, too. Almost into the top 25 (I hope we stay outside the top 30). (ESPN)


Stevie Clark, still on the team. (Scout)

Big-time recruit Myles Turner on Oklahoma State. Via Matt Amilian. (Sporting News)

Down goes No. 1 (CBS Sports)

Self thinks KU sucks which means KU will probably win it all. (Kansas City)


Jozy. (Big Lead)

Books of the year from NPR. Click, click, click. (NPR)

Ty Duffy was embedded with GameDay in Tuscaloosa. He talks about what a freak Fowler is. (Big Lead)

What is Twitter experimenting with. The “activity” tab is awesome. Via Kevin DeShazo. (Wired)

Luis Suarez – INEVITABLE! MAGICAL! GENIUS! (Deadspin)

This fake review of an 85-inch TV on Amazon had me in tears. Via Shane Bacon. (Uproxx)

There should be a channel where I can watch every Warriors 3-pointer at any time. (Big Lead)

On what venture capitalism is really like. (Medium)

This is awesome, advice to young men in the 1850s (1850s!) Via Matt Norlander. (Slate)

I love reading about Pixar — sounds like it might be scuffling a little bit though. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oh, hey Mike.

The song is cheesy but the video is cool.

This looks good, Meryl Streep is a freak. The Justin Gilbert of acting.

Here’s the Iron Bowl played out on Tecmo.

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