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Daily Bullets: Travis Ford is around for the long haul

Q&As with Joey Graham, Corey Brown, and Justin Gilbert.



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Yeah, Travis Ford isn’t getting fired, and these Mike Holder quotes are pretty incredible. Must read. (NewsOK)

Did you guys know Joey Graham ripped his shoe in that ’04 game and that’s why Lucas took the shot? I didn’t. (NewsOK)

Ubben’s final power poll has us 6th in the Big 12. I’m sure we would have been top two with Cobbins. (Fox SW)

Those games over the weekend were just…awesome. Here’s the Harrison shot. (Big Lead)

Great Joey Graham Q&A here: “Eddie Sutton is one of those kind of guys, he doesn’t take any mess.” (NewsOK)

I did a mailbag on Friday about which school OSU could swap football/basketball coaches with.. (PFB)

Wiggins, gone. Good for him. (CBS Sports)

I lost our player draft competition (probably because I drafted all white guys and one of them wasn’t named “Kaminsky”) but at least I got to enjoy the Nik Stauskas run while it lasted. This pass was terrific. (Yahoo)

I wrote before the Tournament that the Big 12 might be overrated. I think as “the best conference in the country” it was. (Tulsa World)

John Lucas’ shot from 2004 is ranked No. 22 on an ESPN list of best shots of the tournament. (NewsOK)

The last minute of Tennessee-Michigan took 18 minutes. (Deadspin)


Justin Gilbert on Kevin Peterson: “We always joke around, and I think he’s going to try to compare himself to me and the way that I played last year. He’s very capable of doing that. Also, Ashton Lampkin and others, those guys are big guys, big corners who have that athletic ability to make a play on the ball and put the team in a better situation. I don’t think, with me leaving, we’re going to lose much because of those guys. I think they’ll do well.” (okstate)

Ugh, our set of triplets is ranked seventh in the Big 12 right now. I can’t really argue with it, either. (ESPN)

Cool story on the long journey of Bob Connelly. (Tulsa World)

A list of the likely starters on defense. (NewsOK)

JFF calls out Charlie Strong. (Fox SW)


So many great photos from the OSU-TCU game on Sunday. I’m not a fan of the all-orange unis but some of you probably love ’em. (Flickr)

Also, Pokes got a series win. (okstate)

Some equally great photos of the girls against Notre Dame. Why was Notre Dame’s coach wearing leather pants? (Flickr)

Pretty unbearable pic here with Coach Littell and Tiffany Bias. She was a great one. (NewsOK)

Equestrian, though, crushing. (Big 12 Sports)

This Manu photo is pretty amazing. (Big Lead)

This Corey Brown interview is excellent. He’s the best baseball player I’ve ever been on the same field with, I think. (NewsOK)

Good post here on Aliie LaForce — I think she’s been terrific throughout the Tournament. (Big Lead)

Berry Tramel on why the girls tournament is a joke. (NewsOK)

Cool article here on a broadcast journalism student at OSU who has worked on numerous TV shows and movies. (okstate)

How Chipotle transformed itself (I’m a Chipotle homer). (QZ)

The Overprotected Kid. I didn’t finish it yet but the beginning was solid. (The Atlantic)

The daily routines of geniuses. (Harvard Business Review)

This on Verne and Raftery is exquisite. (Grantland)

Cool Adam Scott Q&A. (Sports Illustrated)

Finished this over the weekend. A collection of essays from Dan Jenkins at the majors. Excellent. (Amazon)

Great game-winner here.

QBs throwing!

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