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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: Travis Ford’s personal Big Monday

How Tyreek Hill got to Stillwater, OSU moves up in rankings, and Rickie Fowler has a surprise.




This makes me like Travis Ford…Big Monday here in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

Marcus Smart gets his second (and OSU’s third) Big 12 player of the week award this year. Iowa State has six! (Big 12 Sports)

Bill Self is a maestro. They’re probably going to win the Big 12 again which is just infuriating and amazing at the same time. (Sports Illustrated)

Inside the WVU box score. (PFB)

Pokes ranked No. 9 in the new AP poll. OU is 25th. (CBS Sports)

Duke got a lucky break to not start 1-3. I’m super excited for them. (Yahoo)


This is fantastic: the All-BCS-era team. Blackmon is on it, Sharp got screwed! Also, that secondary is OMG. (ESPN)

And how about an All-Big 12 BCS-era team. (ESPN)

Josh Stewart: “I just wanted the NFL more.” (O’Colly)

I agree with Jenni Carlson here, I’m not sure Wickline will ever be fully appreciated. (NewsOK)

Oh, Bob. The best comment on this is the very first one. (Big Lead)

Parker Graham: “In Wick we trust has been the theme coming from Stillwater for the last nine years and rightfully so.” (Scout)

This Cam Newton flop was incredible. (Big Lead)

How Tyreek Hill got to Stillwater. (NewsOK)

Here are OSU’s new enrollees as of Monday. (okstate)


Rickie Fowler surprises Moore golf teams. (PFB)

Consistency might be the most important thing. (Acuff)

Here is maybe the most amazing stat of Roger Federer’s career. (Deadspin)

Finally, an entity that understands what free speech actually is! (Gawker)

This story of self-publishing a basketball legend is fascinating to me. (Brandon Sneed)

These dudes have funded 185 tech companies and have a fascinating story. (NY Mag)

Lady Gaga’s manager was fired and he’s loving every second of it. (Fast Company)

Interesting piece on journalism today. (BBC)

One of my 10 favorite sporting events of the year.

I don’t like him but that’s a heck of a commercial.

The Big 12 just posted this. Not sure why it took so long.


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