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Daily Bullets: Walsh looks like a certainty as QB1

Ford talks about the season as a disappointment, Daxx can spin it (cool), Tom Rinaldi in shorts.




These Ford quotes are painful. It’s not like he doesn’t want the team to be good. It’s just…not. It makes me feel bad for him, kind of. (Scout)

Berry’s tidbits are my favorite part of the whole 10-year anniversary thing on the Final Four team. (NewsOK)

Ford thinks Nash is staying. It would be a fitting way to end the season if Nash announced today or tomorrow that he’s leaving. (O’Colly)

Ford says something I agree with…about changing the college shot clock. (NewsOK)

This story on Calipari’s original recruit is really good. (Sports Illustrated)

From the “what’s he supposed to say” files: “But I like our basketball team. I like the pieces of it. We have good experience, combined with good freshmen coming in. We’re going to have a whole lot more depth, especially inside. I like our pieces a lot.” (NewsOK)

Kelvin to U of H. They will be good. (NewsOK)

Jabari back to Duke? That would be crazier than Marcus back to OSU. (CBS Sports)


Agree with this: Walsh will likely open as QB1 against FSU. All but certain, really. I think I’m OK with it, too. (Tulsa World)

Yurcich on Daxx: “He can really rotate the ball, really spin it, when it comes out of his hands, it’s different.” (ESPN)

Good primer for Saturday’s Orange Blitz. (Scout)

Justin Gilbert enters the Big Lead mock draft, I don’t know where he’s been.. (Big Lead)

Really good post here about Mike Gundy and continuity. Fantastic quotes. (ESPN)

Solid linebacker breakdown here by CRFF. (CRFF)

Drake raps about Johnny Football and Mike Gundy (at the very end). Canned goods, my friends. It’s NSFW, btw. (CBS Sports)

Is this the new FSU logo? I don’t hate it. (CBS Sports)


OSU has a freshman that’s gone 23 and 1/3 without giving up a run. He will definitely give up on in his next outing now. (O’Colly)

This is about as ignorant as it gets. (Big Lead)

Here is Tiger Woods, lit on fire. (Deadspin)

Ann Hargis and her little buggy (it’s the offseason, guys). (OState)

Some pretty awesome views of Augusta National. (Golf)


This is really cool. And how about Rinaldi in shorts?

RIP Ekpe.

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