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Daily Bullets: Waltons return home

More on Ford’s future, Ryan Simmons loves Ray Lewis, KD gonna KD.




The Baylor-Texas thing is Berry’s wheelhouse. (NewsOK)

Arkansas is Nike again and apparently inspired by the Lion King. (Big Lead)

This unionization thing sounds like it will end well. (CBS Sports)

Ryan Simmons looks up to Ray Lewis and Priest Holmes. (okstate)

Justin Gilbert will visit all of the teams. (ESPN)


Interesting piece by Kieran Steckley on Ford. I’m quoted a few times (sort of regret that 40 percent figure, feels high now). (O’Colly)

Here is a transfer we are trying to get to fill the Markel void. (Yahoo)

This headline made my heart flutter a bit for a second.. (CBS Sports)


ICYMI: Great stuff from Aaron Schnautz yesterday on OSU baseball leading the Big 12. (PFB)

Look at the sports page headline here at the bottom right. Pretty stellar. (NewsOK)

The Waltons return home to Tulsa for the ORU-OSU matchup. (O’Colly)

Big 12 golf tournament starts Friday. We’re the No. 1 seed. (Big 12 Sports)

More OSU-Kansas photos. (Flickr)

Lol at this KD shot. That game, man. (Big Lead)

Did Darren Rovell get suspended from Twitter? (Deadspin)

An American won the Boston Marathon.. (Deadspin)

Here’s a new site that I believe is supposed to be a replacement of sorts for 538. (New York Times)

Oh my.

Golf Digest has been putting out some cool videos. I’ve also become obsessed with breaking 80.

Cool look at the athletic village developments.

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