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Daily Bullets: ‘We can’t let WVU beat us twice’

More on OSU’s stud recruit, Mack is gone, full circle on the Clints, James Anderson a starter in Philly (?)




Tyreek Hill ran the second-fastest high school 200M race ever and on Monday he committed to OSU. (PFB)

Here’s more on Tyreek. Crazy amateur career. (Max Preps)

We’ve come full circle with the Clints. (Tulsa World)

This whole thing is still a cluster to me. Also, Gundy keeps saying “we turned it over, we turned it over.” It’s not like WVU was just running back pick sixes all day. OSU had 16 non-turnover drives on which to score and only did it on three of them. (NewsOK)

On the criticism of Mike Yurcich and calling plays. (PFB)

Shamiel Gary = unsung hero. (ESPN)

But still! It could be a thing… (CRFF)

Hill averages nearly 8 yards a touch. (ESPN)

We can’t let West Virginia beat us twice. (O’Colly)

Gundy says he can’t type (not sure if he’s kidding) and he’s not surprised by the criticism of JW. (NewsOK)

OSU No. 7 in the new Big 12 power poll. (ESPN)

Gundy’s presser yesterday was outstanding. He trolled Les Miles and it was fantastic. (PFB)

Berry on this team’s resolve. (NewsOK)


RIP Bob Kurland. (okstate)

Sounds like James Anderson is going to get a shot at being the starting two for Philly. (NJ)

I don’t….I guess if I’m OSU I don’t say “hey, we might sell these later but right now you have to buy season tickets.” (Tulsa World)


New ASU helmets…? (CBS Sports)

Tommy B. (Big Lead)

This sounds fun. (O’Colly)

Mack is done. (CBS Sports)

Google is adding hashtags to its search. via @kevindeshazo (Social Fresh)

Oh this will be a blast. (Deadspin)

Speaking of clusters. (Politico)



Not a great year in Cleveland if you went to OSU.


It doesn’t really matter but Gundy and Yurcich disagree about what was called at the goal line on the fade to Tracy Moore. Gundy said it wasn’t an option, Yurcich said it was built in.

Boone and Bob Kurland.

Oh my.

This dude’s daughter died earlier in September..this is the entire Ohio State football team.

A tribute.

Here’s the Walsh Monday interview..


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