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Daily Bullets: Where will Marcus and Markel go?

Ford (STILL) thinks Marcus is a good shooter, the OU hype machine is cranking, and Messi gonna Messi.




This stadium renovation for OU is something else. I’m all for it but the fact that we’re still calling the folks who run around in the middle of that thing “amateurs” is quite funny to me. (NewsOK)

This is good, wish I’d thought of it. CRFF is counting down the top 10 moments on the old turf at Boone Pickens Stadium. Here they are with No. 10. (CRFF)

I laughed out loud at this. HOOK ‘EM! (Twitter)

Les Miles playing putt putt goes exactly how you’d think it would go. (Yahoo)

This is actually a great question: Why doesn’t the NAIA pay players? (CBS Sports)

Speaking of, 69 percent of the public opposes paying college athletes. (CBS Sports)

If Lampkin responds to the challenge and ends up with double-digit pass breakups, it means he has made a seamless move into the starting lineup. (ESPN)

Somebody who used to work on the stadium does meth. Okay. (Stillwater NewsPress)

The OU hype machine is absolutely cranking. They were a Justin Gilbert pick from being in the Alamo Bowl (or worse) last year, guys. (B/R)

Charlie Weis can’t count. Lol. (CBS Sports)


Markel: “I don’t pay attention to the mock drafts. Those mocks, whoever makes them has no clue what’s going on on the inside. I’ve been hearing a range anywhere between 25 and 35. I just want to be there on draft night.” (New Star)

Marcus at four would be surprising. (Big Lead)

Five fun landing spots for Markel. (PFB)

A lot here on why Smart is a bad fit for the Celtics. I sort of agree. Cameo from John Helsley! (Boston)

Donnie Nelson: Obviously, it’s great to see Randle and Smart being talked about so high in the draft. Those are local guys that are another reminder that some of the best basketball in the country is played right here.” (Dallas News)

Good stuff here on some possible landing spots for Marcus Smart. Tonight should be pretty fascinating. (CRFF)

Marcus: “I had a lot of adversity that kind of tested my maturity and things I was able to learn from and were put in my way for a reason, to make me a mature person and more experienced person. All of those things happened for a reason, to get me ready for the next level.” Also, Ford still thinks Marcus is a good shooter……..? (Tulsa World)


College is getting more expensive in Oklahoma. Not shocking. (NewsOK)

How do you guys like the new I’m a fan, I think. I mean, I know I’m not allowed to visit that site but somebody showed me some photos of their redesign and I liked it. (SI)

Tim Brando to Fox. They are cleaning up the offseason. (Yahoo)

Messi gonna Messi. (Big Lead)

KD is bad.

Oh boy.

I’m ready.


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