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Daily Bullets: why Smart’s draft stock is slipping

Texas rules recruiting (again), 30 baseball games this weekend, and the Onion does Marcus.




The two greatest emails ever? (NewsOK)

Robert Allen wants us to give OSU hoops a hand. I don’t disagree (Markel deserves way better than this), I just have issues with supporting a Travis Ford-coached team at this point. (Scout)

I’m actually impressed with Ford not flying his flag under the “Marcus Smart isn’t here” excuse. Props. (NewsOK)

Nobody on this panel thinks OSU’s season is beyond saving…….. (ESPN)

Jeff Goodman came out with his mock draft. He has Smart going No. 14 to Memphis: “He was regarded as a high lottery pick a year ago, and his stock has dropped somewhat due to the incident at Texas Tech. But it’s taken a more significant hit because his perimeter shot hasn’t improved. Smart would be an ideal backup toMike Conley Jr., giving the team a physical defensive-minded guard.” I hope he goes to Chicago. (ESPN)

Gina Mizell wants to know how we’re feeling. You can just send her a picture of poop if you want. (NewsOK)

The Onion on Marcus Smart. (Onion)

“You’re not thinking of Marcus Smart as a person when he’s performing, essentially, for you. I don’t think it matters if it’s sports or gladiators or anything. It’s not you thinking of a relationship with another person. It’s thinking about it almost in an abstract way.” (Tulsa World)


Here is what an All-Big 12 team preseason team would look like if it was made up of just recruits. (ESPN)

The 10-second rule would be bad for OSU as well. (Big Lead)

Great look at where football recruits are from this year. (ESPN)


Trying to not overreact here but this is one of the best GIFs ever. (Big Lead)

OSU-Penn State this weekend. (O’Colly)

Part II of our “where are they now” on OSU baseball. (PFB)

30 Big 12 baseball games this weekend! (Big 12 Sports)

WOW — the Duke-Carolina student manager game featured a brawl. (Yahoo)

This kept Cuse undefeated. Remember when we were undefeated? (Big Lead)

Jeets, gone. (Deadspin)

I got a little too into this JFF Adidas-Nike-UA story. (Fox Sports SW)

Interesting look at how SI is screwing up the Michael Sam story. Our boy is at the forefront. (Sports Illustrated)


I searched “Oklahoma State slam dunk contest” on YouTube and this was the third return so…here you go.

Tomorrow, y’all! (there’s an f-bomb in this preview, btw…in case you’re at work)

Melissa McCarthy. Anybody remember her when she was on Gilmore Girls? Just me…? OK. It’s getting a little toasty in here. I’m out..

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