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Daily Mullets (December 21)



I’m starting to wonder when (if) I’ll be able to change the title of this back to the Daily Bullets. I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll keep it as long as Gundy keeps his hair. What if … he doesn’t cut it until after next season?

Should players skip out on bowls?

Good take by Berry Tramel here.

Players are starting to be more concerned with their futures. They are not necessarily buying into the team-is-everything mentality. They are considering a life beyond college. Such an attitude is strange to a lot of us. But cut the players slack. They come by it honest. They learned such attitudes well, from trusted sources. Their coaches. [NewsOK]

If, say, Jordan Burton skipped the Alamo Bowl, would I be frustrated because OSU would have less of a chance to win? Sure. But Jordan Burton has a lot more to consider than 60 minutes against Colorado in San Antonio. I understand why players do it, and I bet more of their teammates support them than you would initially think.

Catch of the Year

Here are the candidates.

This week we’ll see the two top seeds, both of whom had first-round byes. No. 1 seed, Ohio State’s Noah Brown, will take on No. 8 seed Zach Pascal of Old Dominion.No. 2 seed, Memphis’ Anthony Miller, will go head-to-head with Washington’s Dante Pettis, the No. 7 seed. Like Pascal, Pettis got 56 percent of the vote to beat No. 10 seed Mike Gesicki of Penn State. [Yahoo]

Don’t see anybody topping this.

Mixon news lingers

Clay Travis goes all in.

If anyone at Oklahoma had a conscience, Joe Mixon would have never played for the Sooners. And if anyone at Oklahoma had a brain, Bob Stoops, athletic director Joe Castiglione, and school president David Boren would all be fired. [Outkick]

Travis likes to make loud noises, and sometimes he has good points. I think the situation is a little more nuanced than he makes it out to be.

Justice Hill’s first love

The Cowboys were the first team to offer Hill. He quickly committed, with OSU being the only school he truly wanted to go to. “This is just a place that I wanted to be forever,” Hill said. “Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to play here. This being my first offer, actually, I had the feeling they wanted me just as much as I wanted to go there.” [O’Colly]

That is pretty awesome.

Weeden talks about THAT Colorado game

You know, the one where he threw the 50-yard seed to Blackmon in the second half to introduce himself to the Big 12.

No one obviously knew who I was, guys were probably looking at me like, ‘God, we’re in trouble.’ “I wanted to make those guys confident and confident in me and I tell people this, I’m very serious when I say it: That night changed my life forever. Gave me the opportunities obviously for the following year to become a starter and kind of do the things we did. That was a big turning point for me as a player.” [Tulsa World]

It was a big turning point for the program as well. Speaking of Colorado.

This was a delight to see. I tweeted it to Mike Gundy. I’m sure he really took that into consideration.

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Mike Gundy won’t watch the Mixon video. Yo …

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