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Daily Mullets (December 22)



Non-conference hoops ends today (save that SEC game in late January). I said before the season that 9-4 is an incredible non-con mark. OSU has a chance to get to 10-2 with a win today before playing Arkansas in January.

Offensive line thrives

Good stuff here from John Helsley on how OSU’s OL has been really good so far this season.

This season, the Cowboys are averaging 169.3 yards per game heading into the Alamo Bowl, putting them at No. 75 nationally. And unlike the past two years, they can run when they want or need to run, with success. [NewsOK]

There’s a great point in there about how OSU didn’t go get new players. It just made the ones it has better.

Saban on playoff issues

This will stun you, but Nick Saban blames the media for guys like Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette not playing the bowl games.

I will say this, I think when we created the playoff, which all of you wanted to do and all of you wanted to make it four teams. And now all of you want to make it eight teams and pretty soon all of you guys are going to want to make it 16 teams. And the only focus is on the playoff.

But when we all started this, however many years ago it was, I said that you’re going to diminish the importance of other bowl games in college football, alright? Which has happened. That has happened. All anyone talks about is the playoff. Alright, we have a bunch of other bowl games that people don’t think are all that important so if you don’t think it’s important, all of the sudden some players don’t think it’s important. So you can’t really blame the players. We created this, OK? We created this. [Yahoo]

I would argue that the CFB Playoff actually helped us put bowls in their proper context which is as exhibition games that are fun to play. That’s a reality not a media creation.

Freshman revolution

Great stuff here on Oklahoma State’s newbies.

As a result, entering Thursday’s special noon matchup with Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, freshmen have accounted for 40 percent of the team’s minutes and 31.3 percent of OSU’s scoring. [NewsOK]

Dizzy is leading the swagger-fest, and I’m here for all four years of it.

Oh and there’s this.

After knocking down a 3-point shot in Oklahoma State’s 93-76 win over Wichita State on Saturday, Dziagwa — before running back to play defense — playfully tapped his opponent on the rear.

It’s an act usually reserved for more established, proven players or by weekend warriors on a playground somewhere during pickup hoops. Not by a freshman playing in his just 11th collegiate game. “It was a competitive game,” Dziagwa said about the play. “I had to let him know.” [Tulsa World]

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