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Hockey receivers

In 2016 we got hockey line changes on the defensive line. In 2017, they are shifting to the 234 scholarship receivers slotted to suit up for OSU.

As for OSU coach Mike Gundy? In his 13th season overseeing the evolution of the Cowboys’ spread attack, he figures OSU might as well employ hockey-line style substitutions to keep as many as eight moving parts fresh throughout four quarters.

“They’ll have a chance to be a pretty good group of receivers,” Gundy said. “I kind of envision playing three to four of them four plays, then running four more in, doing that throughout the game, if we’re fortunate enough for them to stay healthy and on track.” [NewsOK]

Or we could, you know, just play James Washington and Marcell Ateman the entire time.

Shoot your shot

This on shooting your shot and the LeBron-Smart tussle is so amazing.

In that instance, Marcus Smart was shooting his shot. He was challenging LeBron. The ideal response (from Smart’s vantage point, anyway) would’ve been for LeBron to become fiery, walk toward Smart, and engage in a ruckus of sorts. Had that happened, Smart would have made his shot, as it would’ve, in essence, been a tacit validation by LeBron that he sees Smart as a threat, and if not that then at least an equal. That’s not what happened, though. That’s super not what happened.

Instead, LeBron, once he realized that Smart was confronting him, made a very obvious Get the Fuck Outta Here Face, except it was maybe more of a Who the Fuck Is This Guy? face, as evidenced by the way he pointed at Smart with his thumb, easily the most disrespectful finger to use when pointing at someone. As soon as LeBron utilized his thumb, the results were obvious: Marcus’s Shoot Your Shot moment had missed. [Ringer]

You could, you know, pick somebody better to shoot your shot on, Marcus.

Emmanuel Ogbah shines in Cleveland

You probably missed it since it would have taken an act of Congress to get FCC approval to televise Cleveland games, but Emmanuel Ogbah had a big year.

Emmanuel Ogbah has been the team’s best rookie. His 5.5 sacks leads the team. Even more promising, Ogbah has been finishing strong. That’s especially true once they left him at defensive end. Early in the season Ogbah played some outside linebacker. He was a defensive end at Oklahoma State and that’s his comfort zone.

Profootballfocus on Ogbah: “He continues his strong second half. He had five QB pressures and 1 QB hit against the Chargers. Since week 10, Ogbah has logged three sacks, six hits and 15 QB hurries.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

This is the best news for Cleveland football since it was announced that Cleveland was getting its football team back.

Best Rose Bowls

I enjoyed this on the best Rose Bowls ever.

Universally hailed as one of the greatest college football games of all-time, this is the second “Vince Young Game” on this list. Young accounted for 467 yards and three touchdowns, while his counterpart, Matt Leinart, threw for 365 and a touchdown.

The game featured two Heisman Trophy winners (Leinart and USC running back Reggie Bush), four top-10 picks in the 2006 NFL Draft (and 13 other players who would be drafted that year) and two undefeated teams battling for a national title. [Big Lead]

I’ll never forget where I was for that game.

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