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Daily Mullets (January 7)



Can OSU right the ship tonight?

Winning this game can turn OSU’s season around. Of course Baylor is also 14-0, and OSU is 0-2 in conference play for the first time since 1996.

“We’ve shown them the weaknesses and the mistakes. I guess I’m as concerned now, that it’s two losses, about this becoming something that gets us into sort of a rut. And we’re not going to allow that.” Underwood didn’t refer to any tendencies before his arrival last spring. Still, losing clearly had become a thing with recent Cowboy teams, prompting a coaching change. [NewsOK]

$40 million from Alamo Bowl

I’m always dubious of these numbers, but apparently OSU and Colorado brought the city of San Antonio $40 million.

Derrick Fox, the Alamo Bowl President and CEO, projected the economic impact of the Thursday night game in San Antonio was north of $40 million, according to

With attendance inside the Alamodome listed at 59,815, fans of both schools showed up in force at local businesses, too. Officials at Visit San Antonio reported a downtown occupancy rate of 90 percent, which is well above the average this time of year (60 percent). [NewsOK]

Hashtag amateur athletics.

Unwillingness on offense

This is something …

It looked like Oklahoma State had stalled in its halfcourt offense. But Underwood said it was quite the opposite. The points were there. The Cowboys just did not see them. “We had anything we wanted in our spread offense tonight,” Underwood said. “We had first-cutter layups, we had second-cutter layups and we shot it so quick and I don’t know why. We’ve got to get guys to pass the ball to open cutters. It’s a work in progress. We had them all night. I can’t wait to see the film and count them because we’re going to show every one of them tomorrow.” [Tulsa World]

So Underwood is claiming Wednesday was a player problem, not a scheme problem. I’ve seen that in spurts throughout the first part of the year — just a complete lack of wanting to run the offense. This usually works out because Jawun Evans is a professional basketball player, but it’s not a good long-term solution in the Big 12 Conference.

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