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Episode 9 Recap of ESPN+ Documentary ‘Our Time: Oklahoma State Football’

A look back at the Kansas win.



The ninth episode of the ESPN+ documentary following Oklahoma State this season, entitled ‘Our Time: Oklahoma State Football,’ aired on Thursday. The episode featured scenes from OSU’s road trip to Kansas and behind the scenes action including Kasey Dunn, prep for KU and more. As always, spoilers ahead.

• Extremely relatable content from Kasey Dunn off the start of the episode: “Have a big ol cup of coffee …. about 10 times.”

• Good stat here from Robert Allen: OSU’s offense was ninth (out of 10) in scoring offense in the Big 12 this season. Ninth! I knew OSU’s success was centered around its defense thus far this season, but that stat — considering it comes against teams like Tulsa and West Virginia — is mildly concerning.

• Interesting theme Mike Gundy has talked about publicly in recent weeks that comes up on the episode: OSU is out of shape. Gundy says “we haven’t run gassers in forever, but we’re out of shape now. What I’m trying to do is get them ready to play so we can take advantage of the teams that aren’t in shape.”

• Knowles: “Defensively we’re just responding well … that comes with experience, that comes with leadership.” Think we’re seeing in real time a defensive coach on OSU’s staff rise as one of the best defensive minds in the conference (and maybe in the country).

• Chuba rocking that Under Armour.

• John Wozniak, OSU’s running backs coach, says in pre-practice meeting — looking at Chuba and LD — that they’ll get all they want in practice. Full racks. They both looked at each other like, “Oh, boy.” Staff clearly wants to get them some valuable practice reps but also ramp up into real playing shape.

• Dunn on the team: “Our offensive line is gelling. Our defense is playing well.”

• OSU has won in Lawrence each time it has played KU since 1994, per Dave Hunziker. What!


• This.

• I don’t know if this is tradition or not, but Josh Sills tracking down every OSU receiver after they pull down a touchdown and saying he would have beat their booty if they hadn’t came down with it is absolutely incredible content. Wholesome.

• Incredible coach’s box reaction after Chuba scored a TD with power and finesse. Dunn just let out a “holy bleep.” Even he was impressed.

• Good example of OSU’s leadership. With OSU up 40, Chuba and Stoner sit on the bench and Chuba asserts: “I know it’s bye week, but we gotta practice our a** off.”

• In postgame handshake, Gundy tells Les Miles, “Stay healthy, alright?” Miles tested positive for COVID on Thursday.

• I mean, can I frame this entire video in my office? Just an amazing exchange here.

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