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Film Session: Keiton Off The Screen



A new feature here on PFB and bear with me because I’m not great at it yet, but I wanted to look a little bit of film today and show you why Markel at the point is a terrific idea. First, Keiton off a three-person screen to open up the game with a flush trey.

The game starts with Keiton at the point but that’s not really what I’m trying to show you here. Watch as he gives it up to Brian Williams then cuts towards the baseline, nearly getting lost amongst Iowa State’s bigs.

Now he’ll cut inward, run past the bucket, and head for the other side of the floor. And this is really the genius of Keiton Page, that he’s been able to turn his miniscule frame into a division one basketball weapon of sorts, and he’s best at it without the ball. He excels despite, or sometimes because of, his stature.


Now Keiton’s on the other side as Brian Williams gives it up to Cobbins at the top of the key. Watch as Keiton slips past LeBryan, Markel (who’s currently under the hoop) splits out wide, and Cobbins gives the ball up to head to the lane.


Now Keiton’s in perfect position after coming off the screen from Nash. Royce White should be picking him up at the three point line but his head is turned and Cobbins large frame is big enough to screen both Christopherson (who’s on Keiton) as well as a piece of White (who inexplicably drops back into the lane.


And Keiton’s not missing with that much wood between him and his man.

This play looked a little odd because Keiton actually started out with the ball and it took a while to develop, but later today we’ll take a look at another aspect of what Markel’s prowess at the point guard position can provide this team.

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