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Film Study: Allen Lazard Provides Cyclones’ Biggest Mismatch



The Iowa State Cyclones have many talented players who have contributed to their recent success, but receiver Allen Lazard should be their biggest weapon headed into their game with Oklahoma State on Saturday. Lazard, who has six receiving touchdowns in 2017, is a mismatch against the majority of cornerbacks in the Big 12.

Lazard is considered by many to be the second-best receiver in the conference (behind only James Washington), and his 6-5, 220 lb frame has many NFL scouts paying close attention. The Big Lead writer Jason McIntyre even had Lazard as a first-round selection in a recent mock draft. Against a young OSU secondary that gave up almost 600 yards against Oklahoma last week, Lazard will be a major problem for the Cowboys to try and defend.

Lazard is able to use his big frame to box out defenders on throws aimed to his back shoulder:

He also has an uncanny ability to pluck the ball out of the air, sometimes over a defender:

And frequently in the red zone:

He can create adequate separation and has shown that he can contort his body to adjust to the ball:

The Cowboys’ best hope is to put sophomore cornerback A.J. Green on Lazard. Freshman cornerback Rodarius Williams had considerable struggles against the Sooners, and Green has performed well over the past few games. Expect the Cyclones to try and pick on Williams, though, who has been (successfully) targeted in the red zone by teams like Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

How do you think Lazard will perform against the Cowboys’ secondary? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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