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Film Study: How Good is Kenny Hill?



After an inconsistent junior year at TCU, quarterback Kenny Hill is off to a solid start in 2017. The senior signal caller has thrown for eight touchdowns through three games, and he’s coming off an excellent performance against SMU where he threw for four touchdowns and completed 80 percent of his passes.

Hill can be an electric dual-threat weapon for the Horned Frogs, but his style of play is unpredictable. Here’s a quick look at the Horned Frog’s starting quarterback.

Hill has above-average arm strength, and when he has a clean pocket, he can make all the throws:

Hill also has the ability to escape pressure in the pocket:

And he’s frequently used in the run game:

Although Hill’s highlights are impressive, his mistakes can be egregious. First off, Hill has a tendency to stare down his receivers, which can lead to incompletions:

And interceptions:

And his accuracy occasionally comes into question:

Hill has had a relatively strong start, but his level of competition hasn’t been elite by any means. We talked about Hill being the X-factor last year, and we’re repeating it this year because it’s the same story.

Hill is often as good as the talent around him, and he’s undoubtedly benefited from an improved offensive unit. But with running back Kyle Hicks’ status in question, the Horned Frogs might be relying on Hill a bit more than usual.

Whether he’ll continue a strong start or revert to his 2016 performance against OSU is yet to be seen, but he’ll be the difference between a home-team blowout and a closely contested game.

How do you think Kenny Hill will play against the Cowboys? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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