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Final Notes and Thoughts on Oklahoma State’s Blowout Win Over S. Alabama

Justice’s drought, TC’s big run and all the balls for Tylan.



I spilled my 10 Thoughts here, but I needed to clean out the notebook before next Saturday’s big one against Boise St. A few leftover notes and thoughts from Saturday’s game are below, and if those don’t interest you please feel free to check out Mrs. Pistols’ 10 Thoughts on the game right here.

• Nothing says “we’re getting paid six figures for this game” like going for it on 4th and 1 in your own territory in a 0-0 game like South Alabama did on the first drive on Saturday. Gundy also noted that USA played defense like they had nothing to lose (probably because they didn’t) and sold out to stop the run (which won’t always happen).

• One thing that struck me as I watched Cornelius is that it is so hard to know how to critique a QB because we can’t see all the opportunities missed. We don’t get the all-22 film. We only see the choices they actually made and often don’t see the two dudes streaking uncovered on the other side of the field. This is especially true on TV.

• After OSU scored three touchdowns on its first five drives, I wrote: “You know, I’ve always been a big TC guy.” I haven’t … but I do feel like he did some things that impressed me on Saturday. I legitimately cannot imagine Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders being better enough to warrant playing them as of right now.

• The box score said S. Alabama had one QB hurry. It feels like there should be a 0 on the end of that. Every time I looked up Cornball was scrambling (which he’s actually quite good at).

• If you don’t think this is targeting then I don’t know what to tell you.

• This is random, but I love the one-foot rule in college football. Maybe I mention that every year, and I know it’s not that much different from the NFL. It’s just another thing that makes CFB unique. Plus it looks cooler and makes for more crazy plays.

• I gasped aloud when I saw this.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 7.45.11 PM.png

• Cornelius’ hard count is no joke. All the offsides.

• In the second half South Alabama ran 33 plays for 65 yards and had four total first downs. I know it’s South Alabama, but that’s pretty solid.

• How about this stat …

Tylan: 15 targets
Tyron + Stoner + Jalen: 15 targets

• We just gonna ignore how good this stiff arm was?

• The holding call on AJ Green when he grabbed the pick was egregious!

• I love how the video board reflects off the helmets. It looked especially strong on OSU’s black Ed Hardy lids.

• Cannot get enough of this.

• Here is a conversation that was had during the first half.

Mrs. Pistols: Are you having a beer?
Me: I’m working.
Mrs. Pistols: It’s Southern Alabama
Me: It’s actually South Alabama

• It did not feel like this, but six (!) different OSU players had at least one rush for 10+ yards on Saturday.

• Justice has played in 28 college games. In 21 of them he has averaged 4.0 yards per carry or more. Two of the seven in which he hasn’t have come against South Alabama.

• How good was this catch?!

• How good was this throw?

• Back to the selling out to stop the run thing. I’m concerned about that. It worked against Mason Rudolph at times last year, which means it’s probably going to work even better against Cornelius. Not something to panic over, but with jewels at tailback and an inexperienced QB, it’s certainly something to watch out for.

• Guys, Gundy might really be the goat.