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Four things I loved and one I hated about this week

Brian Williams, this basketball team, and BPS on Saturday, I love…



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

What a week for Oklahoma State. Hopefully the drubbing of Memphis on Tuesday night was just the appetizer for taking down No. 3 in Boone’s house on Saturday evening.

With that, four things I loved and one I didn’t about this week in OSU sports…

1. Brian Williams’ emergence this week was lost in the rubbish of Marcus Smart tearing down the Internet. For as spectacular as 3s was on Tuesday, Brian Williams didn’t get the love he deserved. He’s a monster on defense and might be the best inch-for-inch rebounder on the team (not named Mason Cox, of course). He’s going to be vital to OSU’s season.

2. The students have been pretty impressive this week. Wrapping themselves around the exterior of GIA before the Memphis game. Rushing the GameDay bus when it got there on Thursday. That’s big-boy stuff from them. It’s good to see they know nice things when they see them.

3. That moment you realize how special OSU’s basketball team is. I’m not sure when it was for me. Maybe it was on Smart’s 29th straight three (he had 29, right?) or maybe it was the commercial break where ESPN cut to KD shaking his head, or maybe it was the way in which the No. 11 team in the country was demoralized, or maybe it was when I texted OKC Dave after the game and said “all in yet?” and he responded with “all in.”

But at some point this week I realized what this season holds. I’ve been trying to suppress the hyperbole (because it’s still early in November) but the potential is scary. Like No. 1-seed scary.

I hope you guys enjoy the ride.

4. (The one I didn’t love) I know this is going to sound bizarre coming from me, of all people, because I was driving/engineering/guiding/cleaning the “We hate Bob” train in 2011, but I’m honestly getting tired of all the Baylor hate.

Yes, they have annoying fans who run their mouths about Cory Jefferson being the next Dr. J and compare Lache Seastrunk to Earl Campbell but you know who else has those fans? Oklahoma State. And Oklahoma. And Texas. And Iowa State. And 120 other college football schools.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to retweet some of the insane stuff their clownish fans say but let’s not project that on every single Baylor fan in the world (I know, guilty as charged).

5. All that being said, I couldn’t be any more excited about Saturday night than I am right now.

I told one of my Baylor friends earlier this week that the Big 12 deserves an absolute classic. I don’t want to live in a world where a Texas-West Virginia OT game is the game of the year in the Big 12.

It doesn’t have to be either. These are pretty clearly the two best teams in the conference and a de facto title game in the freezing cold and rain of Stillwater, USA is exactly how the thing should be decided.

Let’s go win a Big 12 title.

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