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Four Cowboys Ask For NFL Draft Grades Including Washington, Rudolph



Oklahoma State underclassmen Mason Rudolph, James Washington, Chad Whitener and Vincent Taylor have filed paperwork to be evaluated for the 2017 NFL Draft, according to Mike Gundy.

“We sent all that in,” said Gundy. “It was after the OU game. A couple days after that game we brought them in and they sent it to the NFL. And we wait for them to send back the response of what the cumulative group of people think about their future in the NFL this year.

“Anybody can send one in,” explained Gundy of the evaluation request. “You can send one in. The response won’t be great, but you can do it. Chad is a guy who can get in a camp one day, and he sent one in. I would hope we would get that back within a week. Usually there’s a 12-14 day period, but there’s no guarantee.”

What Gundy is referencing here is a service the NFL provides in which it tells potential pros whether they will be one of the following three things: a first round pick, a second round pick, undrafted. Those are the only three choices. Here is what the NFL has to say on the matter.

“We want the kid to make an informed decision,” said NFL Executive VP Troy Vincent. “Use our resources, make an informed decision. Each institution has those resources for every prospect and every head coach. The numbers and the facts speak for themselves.”

The other change is in how players will be graded. In the past, there were five categories: As high as the first round; as high as the second round; as high as the third round; no potential to go in the first three rounds; and no potential to be drafted. The league has cut that down to three categories — first round, second round, and neither, which will equal the board advising the player to stay in school. [NFL]

Taylor has said he will leave if he gets the right grade. I would be surprised, though, if any of the four actually declare. Here is where CBS Sports ranks each at their respective positions.

  • Mason Rudolph: 5th in QBs
  • James Washington: 12th in WRs
  • Vincent Taylor: 9th in DTs
  • Chad Whitener: NR in LBs

Gundy did not speak highly of mock drafts although he did encourage Rudolph and Co. to stay.

“I don’t really look into it much. I would guess that most of those mock drafts are fabricated,” added Gundy. “There’s probably only one or two of them that really have a clue what they’re talking about. Most of them are good for talk radio which is about as accurate as the North Korean test missile. Mason will have to make a decision at some point of what he wants to do next season. I’ve only had one player who I felt like was ready for the NFL to go early and that was Brandon Pettigrew. He stayed. I think [Mason] could improve his overall long-term by staying another year here.”

The last day to declare for the NFL Draft is January 16.

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