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GameDay turnout in Stillwater wasn’t pretty

Not great, Bob.



Confession: I don’t watch College GameDay (basketball edition). I have nothing to compare this crowd in Stillwater to. Is it big? Is it small? Is it a normal size for a GameDay crowd?

I threw the question out there on Twitter and the answers ranged from an ashamed “it’s really small” to an enraged “this is patheticFIRETRAVISFORD.”

The signs GameDay hung between the second and third levels in the photo above would seem to corroborate these notions. “We’re expecting people all the way up here.”


Who to blame? Well I certainly don’t blame the students for not showing up for a 6-9 team. (Do you unabashedly support poor products on a daily basis?)

I guess I sort of blame GameDay for scheduling locations eight months (or six months or whatever it was) in advance.

Can you imagine how foolish College Football GameDay would look if they scheduled like this?

In other news, Amilian tells me OSU is favored by one tonight. Not totally sure why.

Also, these made me laugh:

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