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What is going on with Tyreek Hill?

Spoiler: I have no idea.



On Friday Tyreek Hill posted the photo above to his Instagram account with the caption “#ThaComeback.”

Of course fans of OSU things freaked out and his tweet a day later didn’t do anything to put the questions to rest.

I have no idea what this means, but given that Hill has hired Cheryl Ramsey — someone who has a reputation for getting folks off the hook in Stillwater — I wouldn’t be surprised if he played somewhere again.

There was actually a pretty wild rumor going around recently from an assistant coach for a SEC team about Hill transferring to…Tallahassee.[1. You know they’d gladly find a way to make that happen.]

My reaction to that:

No matter what happens I would be astonished if No. 24 ever took the field on orange, black and white again. No matter what his Instagram page seems to imply.

That bridge has been napalmed and Gundy isn’t going to be re-building it no matter how badly he needs a running back (and he badly needs a running back).

I reached out to the athletic department for a comment but they declined.

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