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Grading the Uniforms: Week 2 vs. South Alabama



Oklahoma State came out wearing a Black-White-Orange combo on a Friday night. What could go wrong?

Let’s hand out grades for the uniforms.

Helmet: A


This is a very good helmet. The chrome badge logo, the chrome stripe, the chrome facemask all on a matte black helmet makes for one of the cleanest helmets in the nation. I’m a Brand logo enthusiast, but I can admit that the Badge looks solid on this helmet.

Combo: A+


As far as tri-color combos are concerned, B/W/O exhibits everything you need to know about Oklahoma State. As sweet as this combo is, I think it takes a backseat compared to what we saw in 2011 vs. Iowa State and 2014 vs. Oklahoma. I only say that because I think the orange numbers look better with the orange pants. But I don’t hate this new look at all. In fact, I like it a lot.

I also liked when we saw a similar version of this combo in the Alamo Bowl vs. Colorado. However, this combo looks better with the Black Badge helmet than it does the Barbed Wire helmet.

The Pokes wore something this good against South Alabama, so I’m really excited about what we might see against Pitt.

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