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Greg Brantley Commits



Sorry I’m so late to the party on this one. Had it written a week and a half ago and forgot to post…

Oklahoma State locked up its second offensive lineman in the class of 2012, the type of player who usually ends up opening holes for Big 10 Heisman hopeful running backs – 6’7 310 lb. Greg Brantley.

Brantley is a coach’s dream. Not only is the All-State tackle a beast to deal with on the field but he actually seems to give a crap what happens off it.

I’m looking to major in engineering, petroleum engineering.

What?! And you have yet to fill out and only bench 275 so you aren’t even strong yet and are still the best offensive lineman on a back-to-back state champion Carthage team? Yes, where do we sign?

He played hoops last year too, averaging 7 points, 5 boards, and 2 blocks a game.

Brantley was being recruited by Alabama, LSU, and Texas as well so don’t let his non-ranking on the ESPNU 150 or Rivals 100 fool you – Mack, Les, and Mr. Saban have lakehouses because of people like Greg Brantley.

He’s going to make Herschel Sims a very happy human being.

He has a teammate too, a terrific defensive back named Edward Pope who’s listed as an ATH from TX which, last time I checked, were five letters that mean you are really really good at football.

Pope is currently committed to TCU but there’s been some speculation of late that he might pull a DeAndre Daniels and back out before things really heat up this fall. For the record, I think we’re going to start calling every recruiting switch “pulling a DeAndre Dainels” from now on. Cool? Cool.

Here’s his highlight video, the hit he makes at 1:33 is actually kind of scary – like somebody-check-his-birth-certificate-I’m not-sure-how-eligible-he-is scary.

Also, is everyone in this video related to JJ Barea or does Brantley just make them look that way because he’s built like a Cessna?

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