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Why Chris Carson’s commitment to OSU is a big deal

This is one of the few running backs who could play right away for OSU.



Chris Carson will be ready to play in the Big 12. (Scout)

Chris Carson will be ready to play in the Big 12. (Scout)

Will it last? Who knows, but on Monday Chris Carson committed to Oklahoma State over Georgia and for now that’s a really big deal.[1. He was 70-80 percent on UGA a week ago.]

The Cowboys were getting desperate late and despite picking up some solid commitments from high schoolers (like Jeff Carr from Temple, Texas), OSU needed somebody like Carson who could come in and play immediately.

Rennie Childs needs a backup (or complement piece)[1. Or heck, starter.] in 2015, not 2016 or 2017. Unless you’re Adrian Peterson it’s not like you’re going to be an impact RB in the Big 12 as an 18-year-old anyway.

Carson, on the other hand, graduated high school in 2013, has spent the last two years at community college and should be Big 12 ready if and when he arrives on campus.

Maybe not to the level Tyreek was but probably not that far off if his video is any indication. Stocking up for the future with the likes of Carr is great but loading up for 2015 is even better.

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