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Hey, Now There Are Two Of Us At Pistols Firing



A bit of news before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. A few of you may have noticed Kyle Boone has been writing more posts around these parts in the last few weeks.

That’s mostly because I’ve chained him down in my grandmother’s basement and threatened to not feed him until he gives me Nick Starkel updates. But also because I’ve hired him to do some work here at PFB.

Kyle became an uncompensated contributor last year and has done a really great job with player news as well as recruiting information since then. You can expect a lot more of both as well as excellent pieces like the one he did yesterday on 10 things to watch for this summer from OSU football.

He will help alleviate some of the time I spend on things and bring you a fresh (and probably less-curmudgeonly) voice. PFB has grown more than I ever though it would when it started and I’m incredibly appreciative to everyone who has contributed as well as everyone who has read over the past 4+ years.

Mike Gundy always talks about the importance of hiring the right people to do excellent work and I couldn’t agree more. I think Boone (Kyle, not Pickens) is going to really help the site continue to grow and become an even more integral part of the way we all follow Oklahoma State athletics.

Welcome, Kyle.

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