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How to Follow PFB in 2020: PFB+

What it is, what it means.



To start off a new year, I thought it would be a good thing to update you guys on what’s been going on around here. The first year of the 20s (the 20s, you guys!) is going to be a monster for us as a company, and as always there’s a lot going on.

So I wanted to slow down a bit and inform everyone how you can partake in the best OSU news and community anywhere in 2020.

Today: PFB+
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What to Know

PFB+ has been an multi-year experiment for us. The future of media companies will undoubtedly be shaped by which ones successfully create a product their consumers will pay for because advertising dollars won’t subsidize this industry for very much longer. So we set out to create a product that you — the consumers of Pistols Firing — valued so highly that you would pay for it.

Many of you have in fact paid for it (see below), and I thought this recent comment summed things up well.

If you aren’t subscribing yet, trust me, you should. The content is rapidly expanding and getting better and better each week. I’ve been critical of these guys on occasion because I expect more only for them to come out a week or two later and surpass my expectations. This thing is not only growing but growing in the right direction. I’m super proud of the PFB staff and proud to be part of it with them. –@Vegasox

What You Get

As we expand (and hire more people to produce more content), this is how we’ve either already grown (or will grow into the future). The right column represents what you get if you subscribe to PFB+.

Everyone who registers (free) PFB+
Tons of daily content X X
Free forum X X
Pods and videos X X
News via email (daily or weekly) X X
Premium forum X
Premium content (nuggets, recruiting predix) X
Instant reaction pods (coming soon) X
Ad-free browsing X
Custom wallpapers X
Merch discounts X
Monthly giveaways X

I would say the biggest benefit is additional information. That’s the main reason the most people sign up. To get info on what people have been telling us regarding Todd Monken or that new QB recruit or who Cade Cunningham is bringing to Stillwater.

That’s what we talk about on our premium forum and with our premium content.

One thing you will see (and have already started seeing) is premium content on our home page. We even have a feed for it right here that you can check out when you want to catch up on stuff, stuff that’s only available to PFB+ subscribers.

Part of the hustle here is creating both internal and external habits of creating this premium material and distributing it to people as it comes in. This will be the landing spot for it all this year, and we’ll continue to pour more and more resources into it as we evolve into the 2020s.


We are hovering just below 1,000 subscribers currently. If that number was at 2,000 or 3,000, we would really be thriving and would have a ton more breathing room to bring on additional full-time writers. But hey, that’s on us to keep creating a product that’s worthy of your discretionary income and to keep adding to our first 1K fans.

How to Follow

You can use this link to become a PFB+ subscriber for half off our annual rate of $80. If you’re subscriber No. 1,000 (we’re just a couple away) then you get PFB+ for life. If not, it’s still just $3.33 a month for the next 12 months. You’ll get at least that much value in Cade nuggets alone!

Thank you as always for supporting Pistols Firing.

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