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Is Ford Actually Being Bought Out?



Maybe all it took was Kyle going on vacation without access to phone or internet to get a new head basketball coach.

I thought Kyle was kidding when he asked me to look out for the blog over the weekend – he’s taking a vacation before the Masters in a few weeks – but it appears Travis Ford’s most recent failure might cost him his job.

I can’t say I’m surprised. So many people have become fed up with the lack of success within the program the past few years, and it was a matter of time before someone with a large enough wallet decided to do something about it.

Also not a surprise, seeing as how Boone’s name is on the football stadium and not the basketball arena.

Head over to @OrangeFactor’s timeline for more info. The decision is reportedly supposed to come down on or around April 10th, which could mean two things: either it’s a done deal and a secret committee is being put together to find a replacement before the announcement, or it’s not a done deal and Holder wants a few weeks to think this over and plan his next move.

Or it could just be a rumor, because, you know, the internet and stuff.

Happy Friday!

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