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Schedule update: A long weekend for PFB

Farewell for a few days.



I’m going off the grid starting in, oh, about 20 minutes from now. “Living that buyout life” is what I believe some folks call it (without, you know, the actual money).

It’s been a long football and hoops season and Mrs. Pistols and I are getting away for a few days without the kids before the Masters really starts cranking here in about 10 days.

One of my college friends lent me his lake house for the weekend and there’s no Internet which is going to be great until Travis Ford gets fired tonight and I don’t find out about it until Monday morning.

Anyway, Aaron Schnautz will have some baseball updates and be covering anything crazy going down (like Gundy cutting his out-of-control beard).

Off to read my books…see you at the beginning of next week.

Enjoy the Sweet 16.

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