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Is Gundy Heading to Tennessee?



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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

It’s that time of year again — when we all remember how much we dislike Mike Holder and Gundy trolls other big-time programs in hopes of getting yet another stamp of approval from Boonie.

Last year it was A&M and this year it would appear to be Tennessee.

This feels a little…different though. Gundy was clearly in negotiating overdrive last year and was never really going to take the A&M job, but why interview for this if you aren’t considering it?

Will it bring a raise? Doubtful. Improve your brand? No.

None of it really makes sense…unless he was seriously considering it.

To his credit, Holder denied Tennessee contacting him, but given the circumstances surrounding our QB situation this year I’ll start believing the players involved in this mess sometime between never and whatever comes after never.

As for the validity of the report — this isn’t some kid from Broken Arrow with sources, this is Tennessee’s version of Robert Allen breaking the news. Plus these guys are reporting it too.

And why wouldn’t Gundy consider this? He’d likely be one of the three highest paid coaches in college football and become a fan favorite in Knoxville (what, he’s going to do worse than Dooley?)

The Arkansas thing was always a joke — that’s not overtly a better job than Oklahoma State — but Tennessee, with 105,000 and a bottomless well of resources and prestige, this is a real thing folks.

And as Carson pointed out, it really speaks to the larger problem going on in Stillwater.

I’ll still lay my money on Gundy being in Stillwater for a long time, but where there’s smoke…

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