Is Tracy Moore Out For The Year?

Written by Kyle Porter

Hope I don’t get yelled at by Gundy for posting this but Tracy Moore took to the Twitters today to seemingly announce that he was out for the season.

I wasn’t an English major but “done” to me seems like he’s not going to be playing anymore this season.

Plus the “I can’t say that on here” implies the same thing because you know if he was coming back he would just go ahead and say it.

However, this follow up (one of his next tweets) doesn’t make sense as it seems to imply that he’s getting healthier and closer to playing.

So…who knows?

There was also this a few days ago…

There’s a finality to the language but again, I have no idea.

I’m not going to try and decipher an internet conversation between Tracy Moore and a guy named Tlittlebear00 but the evidence seems to point towards OSU’s leader in receiving TD being out for the season.

What’s weird is that despite Gundy’s reluctance to discuss injuries, he does announce season-ending ones. Obviously he didn’t announce this on Monday at his presser.

The loss of Moore would mean OSU would have lost its best WR, backup QB, starting TE, backup CB, and most hyped freshman not named “Lunt” to season-ending injuries[1. Not to mention, its starting small forward!].

  • Cowobyfan37

    It seems as if we have an injury bug infestation in the locker room.

  • Nate

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, Tracy is a diva. Always has been.

    • Mark

      Guess I haven’t figure it out yet then, cuz I’m not seeing it. Maybe if he got a dyed Mohawk and wore a dress and DID announce unauthorized things on Twitter, I’d be right there with you.
      the overall impression does have a note of finality, but I don’t base that on the ‘done’ remark. Could he have been using that word in the context of “we’re done here,” As in no more questions because I can’t talk about my injury? Also, didn’t Tracy jokingly announce that he was suspended for the season just before the opener?

      • Mark

        Also keep in mind that Tracy is a senior. Dunno if he has any NFL aspirations, but even missing a couple games your senior year can be pretty disheartening, hence his moms encouragement to “keep believing.” Just a thought.

        • Nate

          Oh do you know Tracy? Maybe I do, genius.

          And Stills isn’t a diva. He’s a jackass.

  • Maybe it’s just me but the follow up tweet seemed to make sense if he was out for the year. Like he’s out for the year, and he’s really upset about it, but peoples prayers are helping him feel better and he’s blessed to have that kind support.

  • Geoff

    When did our media get so thin skinned? Kelly Hines is being a diva. He yelled at me so I’m going to tell on him on twitter. Geez… This is so unprofessional I can’t even wrap my mind around it. If I took to twitter every time someone at work or in the course of my professional career was rude to me I’d most likely end up unemployed.

  • Diva or not, he’s out for the season.