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It Hasn’t Been Perfect, but There Are Only 17 Teams in FBS at 4-0

“Now we have to live with the flip side of it.”



Have the first four Oklahoma State games gone according to how a lot of us hoped they’d go?

[looks at preseason prediction of Oklahoma State in CFB Playoff]

Nope.[1. All four of my picks are 4-0, by the way.]

But hey, there are only 17 teams in FBS that are 4-0, and OSU is one of them (12 more teams are 3-0). They might not have played any legendary games that we’ll tell our grandchildren about, but they’ve been perfect so far (and won six straight overall).

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“To go down there and win and play in those conditions and that environment is always a plus,” Gundy said about the Texas game on Monday. “I think you’re going to find that in the league this year. There’s a lot of parity, and there are a lot of teams that can play well. Each week will be a battle.”

This is true, and especially so on the road. Oklahoma State is 51-16 at home in the Gundy era and just 30-24 on the road.

“My phone works just like everybody else’s,” Gundy said on Monday about Texas. “You get 30-40 messages telling you everything you did wrong. You get 3-4 telling you what you did right.”

Maybe the Texas game will be like the A&M one in 2011 that propelled OSU to a season for the ages (not if they don’t figure out how to run the football … but possibly).

“I tell them, what we’ve done is elevate Oklahoma State football to the point to where it’s (a win at Texas) isn’t enough. They want you to dominate. I tell them, you guys have done a great job. Now you have to live with the flip side of it.”

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