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Jeremy Seaton on Boone Pickens Stadium: ‘I Feel Like Everybody in That Stadium Is My Family’



I thought this from the O’Colly was a cool idea. They went around and asked various Oklahoma State players what it’s like to play inside Boone Pickens Stadium. BPS really has been a home advantage in the Mike Gundy era. OSU is 48-16 since he took over and 37-9 since 2008.

“It’s like a family environment,” said Jeremy Seaton. “I’ve been here so long I feel like honestly everybody in that stadium is my family. I’ve been here long enough I know how everything goes. I mean I just love every part of it. Even from when you score a touchdown, people say the waving wheat is kind of funny.

“I think it’s awesome. You have Bullet running across — everything, everything about it’s great.”


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