John Smith loses his mind during Chris Perry match

Written by Kyle Porter

Chris Perry won his second NCAA title on Saturday night in OKC but that wasn’t even the best part.

John Smith lost his mind as the clock was winding down with someone who appears to be assistant Zach Esposito.

What would happen to the planet if there was a bad call in Gallagher-Iba with Ford and Smith within 10 feet of each other? Apocalypse?

Video via James Poling

  • James Preener

    Can we petition to give Smith the rest of Ford’s contract money? He seems to be competent enough to do his job at least. I bet he wouldn’t hesitate to put Smart’s arrogant ass on the stairmaster either!

  • Godwin

    That match and John’s reactions were highlights of the tourney. Love that passion from a world class coach like Smith.

  • Scott

    perry wrestled a perfect match. He and Howe had traded victories previously in the year but this one didn’t need overtime as Perry was dominant.

  • jls2osu

    This was incredible. I wish all of our coaches were this passionate!

  • kspokesfan

    I’m glad it was televised. I watched the match and we need to end Penn State’s Run. Go Pokes!!