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Josh Holliday – Man of the People



This was sent along to me by one of my readers, I’m blown away…

Yesterday I finally got around to Coach Holliday’s introductory press conference. Twitter said he nailed it, and, as well all know, the internet never lies. My girlfriend even joked she’d drink Kool-aid for him. Thankfully he’s happily married.

Inspired by his presser I strolled over to looking for information on baseball related donations. I was upset to find nothing special at all. It took me four links to find a HomeRun Club PDF with Frank Anderson all over it.

Defeated by the prince of botched bunts I wrote Mike Holder an email expressing my disappointment about fundraising. He forwarded my email on to Coach Holliday and this morning at 8:30 Josh called to talk.

Everything you heard in the presser I heard over the phone. He was fantastic in talking about the other ways to support the program and how much he appreciated my passion for Cowboy baseball. The only words I got out were “Is this really Coach Holliday?” and “I’ll do anything I can to help”. The stadium money is coming. I can’t imagine big money boosters turning Josh down. I haven’t been this fired up about Cowboy baseball ever.

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