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Justice Hill Dishes on Health, Working out with Former Pokes and His Goals for 2017



Justice Hill, last year’s leading freshman rusher and Freshman All-American sat down for a one-on-one with Allison Gappa recently to talk about his offseason, his health and what he expects in 2017. RB1 underwent an offseason shoulder surgery which he was quick to affirm that he is completely rehabilitated from.

“I’ve been 100 percent since around the spring game,” said Hill. “So I’ve just been working out, training. [I’ve been] training down in Tulsa with a couple alumns, Victor DeGrate and Corey [Hilliard] they both played here. They were tackle and defensive tackle. They were great players here and played in the NFL for a while.”

Hilliard, the former Poke retired from the NFL in 2015 and is the owner and operator of GameTime Performance, a training facility in Jenks.

Hill talked about his rehab and how it was better — the second time around.

“I had this surgery before so the first time I had this surgery, it took a while,” Hill said. “But this one, like after a couple of weeks, I felt fine. And so, really the main part was just getting my strength back.”

He must have had the same surgery prior to his time in Stillwater. The fact that this wasn’t widely known lends more to it just being a minor, cleanup procedure. But his strength is definitely back. The second-year player who will turn 20 halfway through this season put on a display a last month when he squatted 565 pounds during offseason workouts.

Hill also talked about the list of goals he made prior to his freshman season, all of which he was able to cross off last year. So what about a new list for 2017?

“When I set out this year to make my goal sheet, I got to go even higher,” said Hill.

Higher than 1,100-plus yards and 5.5 yards per carry as a true freshman? If Hill keeps up the status quo, he figures to be up for All-Big 12 honors. This offense is going to be fun to watch.

Check out the complete video below.

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